UniVerse – One Verse for Every Unique One of Us.

“We are part of this universe; we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the universe is in us.” Neil DeGrasse Tyson

UniverseOne could say we are UniVerse when we are Love. We have Heaven, people!

Imagine, we, every one of us, being fully invested in being alive—here now. Now, along with every unique individual human being having the very same realization that everything here, on Earth—including as far as all eyes can see, all ears can hear, everything we all can touch, taste, and smell—Is all connected… …And, is all good.

SaveUniVerseImagine. This is not only possible, it is in the true Nature of each one of our birth’s right. We really have Heaven people! We have UniVerse. It is right here, now, at our feet and all around our space.

Yoga at the nature One simple thought that UniVerse, in all of its’ vastness—is meant for each one of us, individually, and at the very same time as a collective—may seem far fetched and more than a bit challenging to fit into our usual limited thinking. Can we open to consider this at all? Is our mind capable of imagining such a fantastical idea? Consider that when we think in this most ideal way, as a collective, amazing possibilities are available to us. Just imagine… and Love. Imagine Love to be the glue supporting the connected collective. Imagine we, each one of us, plant one seed of Love into our individual thinking. Every one of us plants just one thought into our minds, specific to enhance Love, within and without UniVerse. Imagine, remaining connected to the many – through the greater mind of the many, the collective, with Love. Adding substance to this far & away realization can only help. When we begin to plant seeds of Love, within our own selves, before we know it, simple ‘Love’ is showing up in all forms, in everyday life sooner than we get the chance to dismiss it as a foolish plan.LoveNeverFails Imagine, people everywhere living each moment along side of the realization that we do, indeed, have Heaven, here now, on Earth. There is a choice to Love and it is every where around us and always. A sprout of realization will grow Love as it brings to us closer to having Heaven, here on Earth.

The Universe, Natures’ grandest share, in its’ infinite wisdom and through Its’ deepest knowledge or realm of thought, is playing with us. And so far people as it is, most of us—and so then all of us—We have been forfeiting the game. 


Have some perspective-
Watch this amazing 4 minute NASA footage

Perhaps such profundity, I realize, but think about it for just a moment. Allow the concept of the Cosmic Chuckle to sweep us away into a world of thought—fitting Love… worthy of consistent delight. I feel comfortable saying that “Nature wants this win for us”. Only then, will the UniVerse—or all of us—win. Since we are, realistically, all children of Nature, the laws of Nature reveal to us that this is so. LoveLegsTo begin, we be here now, within our moments, holding Love within our thoughts… Then here in this now within the next moment, and then the next moment and then the next… the moments merge into one moment—here, and now, Always… Love Always, Always love… and on and on and on… Ahhh, cool deal! I am within the circle of Love… Meditate, cultivate – consistent and delightful Love, Always. Always Love… Joyful 5…Now, this is us winning the game, people. We now be at peace holding the win, within. Gratitude, take me (us) away… In this video ahead, Neil DeGrasse Tyson answers the question, “What’s the most astounding fact you can share with us about the universe?” The video ahead contains breathtaking images of space with musical accompaniment by the Cinematic Orchestra. It was edited and posted by Max Schlickenmeyer in early 2012. Click Here to watch this amazingly profound 3-1/2 minute moment. It is recommended to Watch in Full Screen mode.

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