Conversations With Moon


Conversations with Moon include heartfelt moments captured by Anni while engaged in silent dialogue with life-long partner in Nature, the Moon.

MoonI have had an intense intimate relationship with Moon. The magic behind its’ majesty and everything about it.

Moon is as mysterious as is predictable.

The beauty of this actual body of rock is amazing in that it glows for us, reflecting the great Sun, while under the guise of being just ‘another one of them‘ planetary objects.

Moon keeps light never far from visibility. Moon is for all of us to ‘play’ with and on its’ own terms—as well as our own. Each day it is visible at one time or other—or—it is not. When we give it thought, we are able to figure that  Moon is always here with us, shadowing Earth as if a pup blazing the trails with its’ Master—maybe, to the point—of being taken for granted…


Have you given thought to how it may be on Earth without her, our Sister, Moon?

I can speak for myself when I share that—In the world I live in—It may not be boring per se, but certainly less provocative without her. There’d be much less to-do through the evenings. No puzzles to decipher in the clouds, trying to find the brand new moon of the month in its’ minute crescent form.

MoonPuppetsThere’d be no Moon rises—or moon sets—to seek out—just for fun.

It’d be a bit less romantic, I think. There would be less poems written. It would definitely be less fun MoonWalkat night time as I stretch to take a walk to check out the night sky.

It is always dark out here… It maybe even be a bit lonely… Though, Stars may twinkle brighter, we’d never really get to know them, being so far off—Not like we have gotten to know the Moon.

My conversations with Moon are always silent as I sit

within my quiet space.

Simply, being with a Moon rise, can be an epic moment. Pure, subtle, full of unspoken delight—a moment, somewhat pregnant with anticipation, that words only seem to diffuse.


A fully-dressed and rising Moon has a way of churning up awe from depths through silent meditation in every way.

Conversations here now are deep and within, pregnant with Love, and awe of Nature.

Then there is always delight that tends to seep out triggering Moon Dances out and about the Earth. Who knows the  MoonDanceTrio
exact spot, space or area, the time of the moment… is here, now—in prayer—Only the night stalkers are aware.

One can plan an engaging moment with its’ majesty only to be duped by weather or an otherwise polluted sky.

MoonDance2Happening upon its’ image is often tricky. I feel blessed to be able to spot Moon when I do, especially during certain times of specific seasons.

When I can easily glimpse Her—especially during Nature stepping in to create difficulty behind finding Her at all—It is a reason to dance!



Then, it’s as if a game is being played, a “Can-you-see-me?” sort of ‘peek-a-boo’.

Through the winter season it is mostly challenging to spot Sister Moon. This makes seeing her again all that much more extra special.


One of my favorite depictions of Moon gazing would have to be those with wolves, or wild life of any sort, in the setting. I must say that in all honesty, I have never seen a beautiful sighting of the Wolf, other wild life, yes, out and away, amidst raw Nature, though never the Wolf

These images here are the closets I have come to experience such naked wild beauty, short of television or movies that is. moonWolfHowl

When I happen upon images like these I want to attach myself to them somehow. I imagine the photographer and the joy they must have felt when capturing these raw amazing moments. Images that conjure up freedom at its best, raw, with abandon in the wild. Nothing is more awesome and free than a howling Wolf with a huge Moon in the background, full and rising—or seemingly so?

To capture such photos for a photographer must be paramount to receiving an award from the Academy for best Actor/Actress or a Grammy for best song.

My Moon watching moments do encompass a vast line of wonderful memories. None more memorable than when I gazed upon a great Horned Owl silhouetted by Moon s’ full glow one evening in the back country of South Western Idaho—as shown here through OrangeMoonOwlthese two captured images… And then to my sheer delight, on other occasions since.

I do admit to having trouble leaving the scene once they are spotted… and even to moving my eyes away at all from watching them.Since Great Horned Owls are territorial—near to within a five mile radius—I know I can see them again when returning to the area.


When its’ past time me for me to leave, the only way I can help myself to become less attached to being there with them is to tell myself that I’ll be able to find the beautiful creature again.

This is when the feeling to solidify the moment in memory, with a moon lit Dance takes over….

MyOwlAs far as the Owls having me there with them, they seem to welcome the adventure of meeting me as much as I do them.
This is evidenced to me by when they’d fly off and come back to land again in the same spot near to where I sit without pause or flutter. I sit with them for as long as I get to without disturbing my life style in any great way. We have glorious Moon in common— a mutual friend in Nature—at its’ best. Something to celebrate.


When viewing Moon—some moments linger that are certainly most typical—then the occasional amazing moment happens.



Being in Iceland when this photo (<<~) was captured, must have not just been cold… I would have been out of my mind with awe…


Moon Jupiter Venus Aurora


Moments are so well enhanced while the viewing of the first light of any moon rise…
And when we happen upon viewing a planet or two along with it—

All together, in the same night sky, And especially, just after a storm—
And when the Aurora is beaming alive through all of these happenings. Oh my…




Moon is for nothing—if not to be appreciated for the simple beauty that it offers.


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