Conversations With Earth


Conversations With Earth include heartfelt dialogue and fully experienced moments in Nature.

Conversations with Earth involve Joy, Nature; Animals, including Birds and Fish, and everything that resides in Mountains, Wild Waters, Wind, Rain, Windy Storms, Oceans,MyOwl Islands, Fruit Trees, Grassy Meadows, Moon, Earth, other Planets, Stars, Science Discoveries, Constellations, Magic, Music, Love and more…

It may include precious moments visiting with my friend the Great Horned Owl while sitting in a tree with the full moon rising above. A sight I have always had a desire to witness.



Or about the moment when a Barn Owl friend gave to me a feather while flying by and just BarnOwl after I asked for it—And in front of a young friend, Trisha. Who thought the moment was magic… and she was right!


Or about the moments when—I have had great wild Horses save my life—on more than one awesome occasion—while riding them bare back through woods and ravines, over fallen trees, across stretches of land and water, venturing up high desert hills and down toward swampy lowlands. Along coastal beaches in Baja.


One of the first adventures was when running through a tall grassy meadow toward a highway when a huge eighteen wheeler appeared out of now where… somehow closing my eyes made the threat go away as my ride turned to run along side of the truck for a while instead of into it…

Mostly Appaloosa friends have been amazing my counterparts through many of these adventures. Though, I remember Maggie the Quarter Horse doing her best to help me stay on while she ran as fast as she could go through a wooded area of a swamp. It was then I realized that it comes natural to me to stay on a wild ride when my life is at stake. I never appreciated riding a horse using a saddle, so I just would never do it, unless I rode with others who had ownership who wanted me to. I think the Horses have appreciated my bare-back riding since I always got a really exceptional ride whenever I flew away with one.

More to come on this subject…

Hitch-hiking with 2 year old Love Blessing, we were let out on an off ramp with nothing around but a McDonalds’ Hamburger store. Eating that way was foreign to us. I knew better than to go in since it would have been her first experience around eating dead food. She was raised on Fruit mostly through her young life. Not knowing when the next ride would come with a hungry kid, I began to give some thought to the idea—we were both feeling really hungry with little money. The haunt was momentary as I thought it best to go without for the time being…
This was when a family pulled up to ask us where we Precious Moment familywere headed… They not only gave us a lengthy ride they offered us delicious raw food to eat and as much as we wanted. Dates and Figs and Oranges and Nuts—We were both in heaven. As the Mother of a child who never ate food from McDonalds or other food like it—I felt blessed, in more ways than one. Still today, I recall that time when angels appeared just when I needed them most for the sake of Love Blessing.

Love Blessing may be the picture of health today for just that one good ‘nough decision.



Music, because Music is Natures’ highest form of participation among realms of Earthly delights. Playing with Music is second only to the awesome Magic of experiencing Love. Some even say that Love & Music, they are one in the same.

Honoring Precious Energies that walk among us including; Maleia Prem Varda, the Spirit of Jesus, Lao Tsu, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Osho, Paramahansa Yogananda, The present Dalai Lama, Michael Jackson, Sophia Grace & Rosie, Jon Anderson Lead Singer of ‘Yes’, Oprah & Ellen s’ Heart, Sufis that have walked before, Musicians, Us and Them…

This will be a place to honor Everyone who has shared smiles and ways that point toward Love, Always.


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