Treasured Moments


Treasured Moments indeed!
While within thee CIRCLE OF LOVE here is Power in the Moment NOW, 

Some may choose to live within the Circle of Love, many may not. Some may choose to be within It one moment and then choose to be outside of it in the very next moment.

Being within the Circle of love is ALWAYS about choice here, now. Choice to be within the boundaries of the Circle of Love or Choice to not be inside of Its’  boundaries. This Love, a gift for everyone who sees Its’ value—is always available for everyone.

For those of you who have known this writer, you may find it hard to believe that I can be silent… Nature does work in mysterious ways. I think like most everyone, I do so appreciate a good Treasured Moment.

Especially, amidst particular surroundings, it becomes easy for me to sit in silence, and simply BE. Simply being within, inside of the bubble of the Circle of Love—is always appreciated as a Treasured Moment.
When transferring this very same peace to full awareness while in uncomfortable settings—this may be more challenging at first, though—once attained, this peace is most profound—in Its’ most reverent state.

I wish this peace on everyone.

Open, allowing… gifts of life around me fill my mind, heart, surrounding my soul. As any and all mind trips dissipate as in the way of white clouds. No ‘missing’, never wishing for things to be different from the way they are – just BE-ing, breathe, and be. Being joy, being ecstatic, radiating Love.

I feel life resonating in every cell of my body. As I dive deeper into consciousness, my body shaking and buzzing with release. Do I contain it all? Can I contain it all? Yes! When I let go. I can and do as I let go, melting further, deeper, allowing life to surge-as it does. The deeper I go, the more I let go. I watch the body buzz and shake and buzz even more so. Filling the whole with reverent energy, meant for simple bliss.

Depending on my focus, I experience results as if having had a complete spa treatment, even more so. Though with spa treatments, money usually is a stress factor. Not to mention the interactions with other people and their own agenda. What is offered here is what I prefer—the complete definition for bliss, and withat no cost what-so-ever. There is no travel at all… except for maybe astrally. One may approach—what I consider to be this definition for blissful state—at anytime from anywhere at all. All that is needed to achieve a state of ‘bliss’ is for ‘bliss’ to be paid attention to.

There is always so much going on around me and in my mind to distract.
The challenge is to simply bliss-out, into it, how deep is in the allowing, the merging…
I melt with eyes open—and closed… Inclusion of all surroundings.

I tell myself, “it does seem lighter somehow.” This being the awesome choice of consciousness through the entity known as bliss :0)
Something all inclusive and yet all my own at the same time.

This gift was given to me years ago from Bhagwan… Ahhhh – my savings grace.

I humbly enjoy with grace encompassing my soul… Pretty cool, huh?

Namaste! (‘The Divine in me honors and salutes the Divine in you‘)

Live, laugh and ALWAYS LOVE anyway!

hO oPONO pONO throught it all

Maybe, life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… Just maybe, it’s about learning to dance in the rain :o)

La verdadera cuestión no es si existe vida después de la muerte, sino si estamos vivos antes de la muerte.
The real question is not whether there is life after death, but if we are alive before death. Osho
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Have you heard about hO oPONO pONO … “Please forgive me, I love you … Life is a mystery except to Love—Who knows all. I realize I am at my very best when letting ‘it’ go at that! I am being grateful for Love from which all blessings flow.”
Use ‘EFT’ on everything! Leave all else up to gratitude…
…Live simply, speak kindly, love generously, care deeply, etc., … Then t’wil be easy to see as “Thoughts become words, words become deeds, deeds become habits & habits become character. Watch thoughts with care. Allow them to always spring from love.” (Buddha)
… And after all of that, when you find yourself thinkin’ you’re a person of some influence, try ordering somebody else s’ dog around!
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