STILLNESS with Oprah and Deepak

STILLNESS with Oprah and Deepak

Years ago, Oprah wrote a letter to Us, Her Friends, encouraging the greatest gift in stillness… We leave this post up to encourage its essence. Plus, there is a link to within the contents below…

“Dear Friends,

If I only had one gift to offer you, it would be STILLNESS.
What I know for sure: Being STILL at least once a day will enhance your life. It’s your recharge, your breathing space, your chance to reconnect with you. So I’m delighted to invite you to join Deepak Chopra and Me — in STILLNESS.


Deepak and I are teaming up for a new 21-Day Meditation Challenge: Perfect Health. We’ll be your personal guides.

Do you want to be more focused? Energized? Successful? Calm? Powerful?
Practice STILLNESS. From that space, your best work — your perfect health — and your best life arises.

I promise you’ll feel better just making the commitment. If meditation is new to you, Deepak’s gentle guidance and wisdom makes this a perfect way to begin. If you stick with it, you’ll notice the subtle and powerful change.

You can still join Deepak and Me on this journey.

It’s free — and you can listen whenever you want from anywhere! I am telling you it is powerful.

Your health and your life are about to get better.meditation-screensaver-52

I’m excited about the community of stillness we’re creating together.