StillnessThis page encourages Stillness. Earth could do better to have Us Human inhabitants be more into stillness.

At first below, You may find Oprahs’  letter to Us, Her friends, encouraging the greatest gift She knows of, to be in Stillness. After which, You will find Dr. Wayne Dyers’ book ’10 Secrets For Success and Inner Peace’, a delightful guide meant to encourage Stillness, Joy and Inner Peace.

StillnessOprah Winfrey writes to us about ‘Stillness’…

“Dear Friends, If I only had one gift to offer you, it would be STILLNESS.

What I know for sure: Being STILL at least once a day will enhance Your life. It’s Your recharge, Your breathing space, Your chance to reconnect with You. So I’m delighted to invite You to join Deepak Chopra and Myself — in STILLNESS.

StillnessDeepak and I are teaming up for a new 21-Day Meditation Challenge: Perfect Health. We’ll be your personal guides.

Do you want to be more focused? Energized? Successful? Calm? Powerful?
Practice STILLNESS. From that space, your best work — your perfect health — and your best life arises.

I promise you’ll feel better just making the commitment. If meditation is new to you, Deepak’s gentle guidance and wisdom makes this a perfect way to begin. If you stick with it, you’ll notice the subtle and powerful change.

You can still join Deepak and me on this journey. It is free — and you can listen whenever you want from anywhere! I am telling you it is powerful! Your health and Your life are about to get better…


…I’m excited about the community of stillness we’re creating together. Oprah”


“10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace”
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s
“10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace” is filled with easy quick reminders for finding inner peace and joy within each & every moment.

“10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace” is a wonderful Meditation guide meant for everyone’s Spiritual Health Library (or restroom). It is the kind of treasured book one can open to anywhere and find the exact useful nugget of sweet truth there on the page.

In this wonderful gift to humanity, Dr. Dyer shares short lovely  passages meant to support the reader in momentary stillness. We like to keep copies in every restroom so that when one needs a break it serves as support for the multi-tasker.

I like to think that my sharing this wonderful contribution to my life will help create that much more stillness in the world. Just as I am sure Dr. Dyer considered as he put this gem together towards the public s’ becoming a little more still…

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