Elder’s Meditation


Elder’s Meditation

MeditationElder’s Meditation is taken from the Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne…
Creator, Please, today, allow me to learn values from Mother Earth.”

Elder’s Meditation: “Sacred sites and areas are protection for all people, the four corners for humankind. These sites are in all areas of Earth in the four directions.”

The Elder’s Meditation says that values come from Mother Earth. Different places and areas around Earth have different values.

MeditationThe Water people live in harmony and know the values that correspond to that particular part of the Earth.


The Desert people know the values of the desert and respect & live in harmony with that part of Earth.


The Woodland people know the values of their part of Earth and live in harmony.

When we live in harmony with Earth, we live a life that is full of values. We should have great respect for Mother Earth.
Creator, Please, today, allow me to learn values from Mother Earth.”


Dr. Wayne Dyer’s “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace” is filled with easy quick reminders for finding inner peace and joy within each & every moment.

“10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace” is a wonderful Meditation guide meant for everyone’s Spiritual Health Library (or restroom). It is the kind of treasured book one can open to anywhere and find the exact useful nugget of sweet truth there on the page.

In this wonderful gift to humanity, Dr. Dyer shares short lovely  passages meant to support the reader in momentary stillness.
We like to keep copies in every restroom so that when one needs a break it serves as support for the multi-tasker.

I like to think that my sharing this wonderful contribution to my life will help create that much more stillness in the world. Just as I am sure Dr. Dyer considered as he put this gem together for the public.

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