“Dance Your Way To Your Own Heaven”
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


Dance is meditation through movement.
One is soulful while in the trance of Dance. Dance signifies ecstasy, jubilation, pure joy,.. There is no higher form of let-go and celebration.

What better way to show Gratitude for Life?
—than in Dance.

woman dancing moon

For one who Dances, this world lives on and alive—In a place where ego & stress do not exist—A place where Love does abound in the hearts of the jubilant aware…

… In a place of exuberance and peace, A place of worth and quality, A place of CCDrawings0001pure love—
for everyone to spend time, ecstatic.

To prioritize Dance tells much about someone. A person who Lives and Loves will allow Dance freely and openly. One who is without Dance in their life has more to gain from living.

Dance is, pure and simple—Joy at its utmost meditative state—Joy flowing—As if with the pulse of pure Nature coursing through its living veins—Is Love outpouring, pure and simple.

While acting alone—feel this gift of life moving rhythmically through the deep chasms of every cell of your body.

ManDanceCrazeAdd in just-a-touch of Love, physical excitement (the surge of life), and will power, leaving all ego to melt—Let go. Become Dance…

It is especially fun to include gestures with music in Dance. Add in a few prescribed wiggles and improvised steps and throw in an undeniable sense of joy! Then the time for invitation ensues… May I have this Dance? One round turn of Dance should do it—then the hook…

FunGreenCouple Everyone looking on can tell how a joyful heart feels when they watch someone skip and leap about excitedly. And sure, Dance may appear somewhat sillier without music—Though, the world could do with a bit more silly in it, I think. Dance with music or none, is contagious. The someone watching will want to join in! This is so, especially, if there is music!

ballerinaWhen the time honored art of Dance has been studied to any degree, a let-go is inevitable. Dance takes flight as Grace at its’ best—out of nowhere.

Dancing with others seem to help to unleash the beast within all willing and available parties.DancingManyLights For a gathering of willing hearts, dancing is a ball!  When the alarm sounds a musical or rhythmical piece—composed or simply played—Dancing hits its’ heights!

Sounds do tend to soar everyone willing away into a space of let go—To a place within. To a place within the bubble of Love. This is a place to share with children about the journey of Life, about priorities, about the journey within the bubble of Love—And about the celebration of.DancingColorful

Skip about, vacillate, dance around the issue, or the yard…
Bob to the right, bob to the left, bob up and bob down, bob to the beat while flowing fluidly along on your way to get Bob to join in…

Flash & twinkle brightly. Onlookers see an energy, fluid, flowing through engaging ecstatic power within, as eyes dance with merriment—giving hush to onlookers probable judgement by the ‘Turn On’. Turn on the on-lookers by the eye stare. Invite them to join in… the Dance.

Engage by throwing joy around the space you find yourself Dancing in. Allow huge smiles!


Laugh and giggle, as is very appropriate in the moment.

Cause others to Dance along.

Allow  yourself be in a particular state or condition through Dance using a series of motions and steps—Yes! Preferably with Music…

Dancing Irish


I see Dance as thee key to living a heart felt and fruitful life. I do not think it is possible to Dance without the feeling of Gratitude motivating it from within.


All of our Chakras are engaged as we move with abandon.


DanceSeductionThe art of seduction shows up much more seductively when Dance is involved. To move sensually with another can only be intense. 





The art of love making is truly alive! This has been so through the ages from human to bird.


Share the realm of the beauty within,
unique only to you, with someone…

“Dancing is not passive. Dancing is very active. In the end you become movement, the body is forgotten. Only movement remains.


Dance is absolutely immaterial so you cannot hold on to it. You can hold on to the dancer, but never to the dancing.

Dancing just withers in the cosmos. It is here, and then it is not here. It is not here, and then suddenly it is here. Dance comes out of nothing and it is here. It comes out of nothing and then, again, goes into nothing.

Osho-on-DancingA dancer is sitting here, there is no dancing in him. When a poet is sitting here, poetry may be in him; poetry can exist in the poet. A painter is here, in a very subtle way, painting is present…
Before he paints, painting is here.

With a dancer nothing is present, and if it is present, then they are simply a technician and not a dancer. The movement is a new phenomenon coming in. The dancer becomes just a vehicle, the movement takes over. Really, dancing is a most unearthly art, because it is just rhythm in movement. Take any activity and go to the limit where there is either madness or meditation. Lukewarm search will not do.” Osho

DancingMaTree Dancing Trees



What fun it is to Dance with Nature—And in the rain?!!! … 

children dancing-in-the-rain

Childlike behavior to be sure!

You may just want to give everything to it—

and fly…


Now, it shall be added that Dance is truly most awesome when Moon is shining on it and when Air MoonCoupledanceis thick with pure divine smells of the sweet giving scents of Nature.

Dance is release, ‘let go’ – an avenue to peaceful co-existence and being. 

Dance is meditation through movement.

woman dancing moon
One is soulful while in the trance of Dance.

Dance signifies jubilation, pure joy, ecstasy.


There is no higher form of connection and celebration—than in Dance.

MoonDanceTrio Join in the celebration… What is there to wait for? 


“Dance Your Way To Your Own Heaven”


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