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Canine World

Canine Dogs need Dynamite Nutrition quality supplements just like we do to remain our Healthiest & Happiest.

CanineCanine Dogs around here live long, Happy & Healthy lives on Dynamite Nutrition Dog Food & Quality Supplementation.

With rare, if ever, visits, to a Veterinarian, Canine Breeds of all types, shapes and sizes, have lived ill-free lives with us over many years of Natural Healthful Care.GoldenLabsWe have learned to care for the Immune System by relying on Nutrition. This leaves us implementing daily needed support through high quality supplementation regularly. High quality supplementation bolsters immunity for Human Health as well as for our Four-Foot Loved-Ones.

The two staple sources for this high quality supplementation we have come to rely on are Dynamite Nutrition and also Wachter’s Sea Vegetation. We try and have tried other Nutritional sources that happen along now and again. We have stuck with these two for 30 years now since they have always proven true when it gets down to quality.

Once in a while, when the need arises to bolster immunity even more so, we throw in Agaricus Blazei for an added kick and use Muscle Testing (aka ‘Applied Kinesiology’) to determine amounts and frequency.


Eating Raw is not just most beneficial for Humans. Animals also must follow this Nature  dictated rule for their Optimal Health. Eating a mostly Raw Diet for Dogs is on the menu around here for our Treasured Four-Foot Loved Ones and they thrive on it!

The B.A.R.F. Diet (Biologically Available Raw Food) for Dogs includes meats and *****bones along with vegetables. This diet is well worth reading up on for your Dogs Optimal state of Health.*****F.Y.I. Animals, Canines included and especially, should NEVER eat bones after being cooked! Cooked bones, especially fowl, are quite dangerous to a Canine.

Especially, when in Canine Training Dogs need more Nutrition to help carry the extra load put on their energy as well as their physiology. A body can access more Nutrition through Eating Raw Foods. Particularly bones, since the marrow in the center is where much minerals are. Though, NEVER COOKED BONES!


Check out this link for a library of books about Canine World eating and care.

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