Pregnant And Nursing


Pregnant And Nursing

Venture around to learn all you can about being Optimally Healthy during & also after being Pregnant And Nursing—and also before, for that matter! :o)
We would all rather have Healthy Human beings running around on Earth! The sooner we all get on board the Optimal Health Train the Healthier those Young ones will be!

(Check Out a bit About Anni from the Joyous Oasis Home Page to learn how easy it can be to be Pregnant And Nursing. Also, learn the possibilities of a Healthy Birthing. The Birthing ahead for you, just may actually be Orgasmic!)

Pregnant And Nursing


Are You ‘with Child’?

The tips through out this page as well as this entire web site of ‘Joyous Oasis’ can help you to Nurture an Optimally Healthy Child while Pregnant and Nursing.

Our Bodies are truly amazing. Nothing says this better than the experience of bringing a new Human Life Into this amazing World.
Being Pregnant and Nursing `is a wonderful road ahead filled with all of the Lovely things… Now, hold this sentiment to heart, since this is truly the more Humbling and Blessed way to view this amazing journey through the most beautiful and astounding Natural act of all, ‘Being With Child’.

Nature does know & always does best for the greater good on Earth.

Are you planning on being—or are you, at this time—Pregnant and Nursing? 

Some of the best tips to share with someone who is ‘Being With Child’ are within the pages of this book…

Pregnant & Nursing

 How To Raise A Healthy Child In Spite Of Your Doctor’
By Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.

Another book, also by Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D.
*’The Medical Time Bomb of Immunization’
This book is an important mention. Actually, both of these books come highly recommended toward much discovery before the ‘Birth Day’ arrives. I feel so sure about sharing these with you. I feel that it will best suit you to be ‘armed’ with this information when the Medical Community does what it can to begin proceedings to ‘take over’ the life of your New Born.
*Sadly, ‘The Medical Time Bomb of Immunization’ seems to be out-of-print and not available for me to link to for you. Perhaps you can find a copy through e-Bay or else where. Good Luck!

Here are some interesting facts for when Pregnant and Nursing;

BreastfeedingThee most important thing to keep in mind while being Pregnant and Nursing is to remain Hydrated throughout.
Drink enough Water (depending on your weight of course, anywhere upwards from 2 to 4 quarts of Pure Water per 24 hour period).
Also Drink, Healthful Broths, Juices (preferably fresh), Green Drinks, Special ‘Teas’ that help to ease Pregnancy & increase Lactation.

Pregnant and NursingFreshly made Vegetable Juice, mostly with Carrot and added Super Greens was a staple that helped me while I was Pregnant. I lived in Southern California at the time, where it was very easy to Eat Raw and Healthful. Fresh Oranges or Pineapple with Parsley and Kale. Yum!Zuchinni dipped into Butter with Lemon was a regular. I mostly looked forward to those Super Dark Leafy Green Salads with Blended Dressings, made using Avocados, Tomatoes with Onion. Ahh, so rightfully delicious and perfect!… Not to mention Healthy!

Lactogenic Foods are substances that have been known to encourage a Healthful Pregnancy as well as increase the Breast Milk supply in Human Mothers.

Lactogenic Foods include: It appears that Foods high in E.F.A.s do supply the needed Nutrients in the creation of Lactogenic Foods. Essential Fatty Acids are Foods that provide all of the Omega 3s, Omega 6s & Omega 9s.

ChiaHeartCarrot Seed, Chia, Hemp, Sesame & SunFlower Seed & many other Seeds (this includes Nuts) that have been known for their E.F.A. content. Like Almonds, Coconut, Walnuts


Foods also high in E.F.A.s like Avocados, Spirulina, Parsley, Barley, Kale & other ‘Super Greens’ have also help increase Lactation.  

Avos(See Below for a More Substantial List)

Vegetables to aid increased Lactation: Asparagus, again Avocados (since they are good!), Beets, Dandelion, Green Beans, Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Yam, Watercress,

PapayaFruits that help to increase Lactation are Apricots, Olives Olives& Papaya.

Butter (recommend Un-Salted), Chia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Hemp Seed, Sesame Oil are all Healthy Fats and recommended for the Pregnant & Nursing Mother.

After Eating some Papaya, some Olives and Millet with Unsalted Butter sounds so good to me right now! Sprinkled with a small handful of Chia Seed and some Nutritional Yeast—which helps with much needed Essential B Vitamins & Minerals. … Yum!
MilletMillet would be an exceptional Food to add into the daily Diet of a Pregnant & Nursing Mother since it is one of two ‘grains’ (Not really a Grain) that is 
not Acid Ash Forming. In other words, it can help with Alkalinity. Millet is also high in an array of useful Nutrients that do aid in increased Lactation.

Interesting To Note: D.H.A. levels are high through Breast Milk, regardless of dietary choices. (See Essential Fatty Acids)

Pregnant & NursingHerbs for increased Lactation include Anise, Basil, Caraway, Dill, Fennel, Fenugreek is exceptional & Garlic is said to help increase Breast Milk production (though personally, I have my doubts about Garlic. It is well known as an astringent & very ‘Yang’, meaning Warming & very Drying???), Marjoram & Turmeric also help to increase Lactation.

Probiotics support the Optimal Utilization of Food & Supplements and are recommended for Pregnant & Nursing Mothers. Foods like Kefir & Yogurt aid in Digestion with the use of Intestinal Flora. As a supplemental Probiotic Dyna-Pro is designed to create the ideal condition in the gut for good microbes to come out of dormancy, multiply, and thrive.


The Flower, Weed & also Herb known as ‘Stinging Nettle’ has been known as a Blood Builder. Enjoying a cup or two of Nettle Tea after Birth can be useful to rebuild any Blood Loss. It is recommended to have some of the many different Flowers, Herbs, ‘Weeds’ of your choosing on hand for after the Birth to help you to relax, noting of course the possible detrimental effects when the Baby begins to Nurse.

Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. is an amazing well-respected Doctor that left the ‘church’ of the Medical Profession to pursue more workable, Natural ways of helping people through the Amazing Magical Wonders of the Human Body.Pregnant & Nursing

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