The Stomach is the only Organ in the Body that should be Acid rather than Alkaline.

Stomach Acid should fall to a pH of 2 when we eat, especially when we eat Protein. A pH of 2 is very strong. Stomach Acid can diminish almost anything, possibly everything, in over just a short period of time. This is what we want it to do.

StomachStomach problems tend to be caused by having too little Stomach Acid and not too much—as many people think.

Remember; the Stomach is the only Digestive Organ that should bAcid rather than Alkaline. When people become uncomfortable because their Stomach is not digesting properly, they will typically take medications called Antacids or such,  as prescribed by Medical Doctors to help with the symptoms of indigestion, gas or heartburn. They soak up the Stomach Acid which is counter-intuitive to the ideal which would be to preserve the Stomach Acid and help the Stomach to create more. Since Stomach Acid plays an important role in the process of Digestion which should then alleviate symptoms causing relief as well as getting back to normalcy.

Remember; Stomach problems tend to be caused by having too little Stomach Acid and not too much.

. , creating an emergency, so the body goes on red alert and then secretes more Acid to finish the Digestion process. This may relieve symptoms at first but over time it does much harm to the Stomach since the Stomach is meant to be Acidic. A more Natural approach would be to Acidify the Stomach more so by ingesting Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar (A.C.V.) helps to Acidify the Stomach which is the only place in the Body that needs to be Acid. This helps the Stomach produce more Gastric Acid which helps breakdown what we ingest.
(F.Y.I. White Vinegar is distilled and all the Minerals removed. Except for using this ‘good stuff’ to clean with or for killing weeds, it is not good for Bodies. White Vinegar serves as a wonderful house-cleaning ‘tool’ and we recommend using it instead of Toxic Chemicals for out in the Yard.)
I retrieved this information from Wikipedia which has further fascinating recommended reading on the subject:
Gastric Acid is a Digestive Fluid  that is formed in the Stomach. It is made up of hydro-choloric acid, potassium chloride and sodium chloride and has a pH ranging anywhere between 1.5 to 3.5.
This ‘Stomach Acid’ plays a key role, mainly in the Digestion of Proteins. It activates Digestive Enzymes & helps them break down long chains of Amino Acids.

Gastric Acid is produced by Cells that line the Stomach. They work along with other systems to increase Acid production when needed. The Stomach produces other Cells called bicarbonates that buffer the Gastric Juices ensuring that it does not become too Acidic. T

he same Cells also produce Mucous. This Mucous creates a barrier which keeps the Stomach Lining from being damaged from the Acidity.

Cells in the Duodenum—or the beginning of the Small Intestine—

produce Bicarbonate to neutralize any Gastric Acids that may pass further down into the Digestive Tract.

StomachIn Summary, to keep the climate of your Stomach appropriately Acidic (as the Stomach  is the only Organ meant to be Acidic) follow the intention of this web-site ‘Joyous Oasis’ and learn what it means to Eat more ‘Alkaline’ based Foods which will insure an Optimal Level Health for your Digestion System.
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