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Our Skin

Taking Care of Our Skin

Many lines on this page are excerpts taken from an an article called ‘Taking Care Of Your Skin’ given by Doctor Regan Golob.

“Skin is the single largest organ in the body. It actually takes in more air than our lungs and eliminates a lot of toxins via sweat or dead skin flakes.” D.R.G.

When the skin acts up by exhibiting rashes, pimples and so forth, it tells us that one or more of the eliminating organs have met overload.

FoodbasketAll symptoms have purpose. Heeding the call of all symptoms when they erupt is thee practical solution to ridding the body of the greater malady. There is no need for symptoms to exist at all when their causes are addressed. Keeping an Alkaline pH Balance naturally addresses the needs of physical maladies. So keep eating those Fruits and Vegetables!


When symptoms appear in the skin—toxins exuding through the many different signs—it is time, or actually past time, to begin to support the eliminating organs toward towards optimal digestion.

Doctor Regan Golob contributes these useful tips to support the eliminating organs:

Breathe freeLungs – do deep breathing exercises in fresh air

Our Skin

Kidneys – drink a high quality, chemical free water — 8 glasses a day and
take Dynamite® Herbal Green™,  Wachter’s Professional Formula C and/or do Green Juice drinks

Liver – do my Carrot salad for 7 days out of each month, take Dynamite® Izmine™ or Dynamite® S.O.D.™
Our SkinColon – Carrot salad, Dynamite® Miracle Clay™Dynamite® P.M.S. Premium Magnesium Supplement™.

By the time symptoms make themselves known it is already past time for Cleansing & Healing. The very best course of action to take then would be to support this concept in thought and action A.S.A.P.—

Begin right away to aid in the body’s ability & need to fix any issue.
Keeping digestive organs clean will help to 
expel unnecessary dis-ease, illness & weight.

Toxins are processed in the Liver. The action of breaking down toxins for elimination happens when the Liver functions properly. It uses bio-available minerals to support this action.
MelonZFromGardenWatermelon & Celery are each good diuretics that support this process.
These Nature given gifts will also help to cleanse the Intestines, support Alkaline Reserves & ultimately, promote weight loss naturally. When Cleansing, Healing and Building naturally are taken to heart, superficial problems will tend to no longer exist.

The main key to healthy, beautiful skin is to let it breathe and to encourage a good sweat.
Americans try to do so many things not to sweat, and most people wear too much clothing. It is preferable to wear only natural fibers which breathe, such as cotton, linen, wool and silk. Polyesters, nylon, rayon, etc., all block the skin’s respiration, and also produce a static charge that is stressful to your body’s electromagnetic field. If you have ever been shocked when walking on a synthetic carpet, you know how much electricity can be built up.
Check your deodorant, and if it contains any aluminum, discard it. A lot of people don’t or can’t sweat. This is known as hydrosis, and is like having a plugged radiator. Get a natural fiber skin brush and spend 5 minutes a day brushing your skin, working from your feet and hands up toward your heart. This is also very good to do on bad knees, shoulders, and any area that hurts to help remove toxins. Skin brushing removes the old dead skin so your ‘radiator’ can get air to produce sweat.
It is also beneficial to do a facial mask with Dynamite® Miracle Clay™ weekly.

The common product that is hard on our skin is propylene glycol, a moisturizing ingredient that is in most creams and cosmetics and shampoos. Propylene glycol and other alcohols have been tied to liver flukes, which, according to…



“The Cure For All Cancers” by Hulda Clark 

Liver flukes are implicated in all cancer cases. She feels that when this solvent, Propylene glycol, is absorbed through the skin into the liver that the liver fluke eggs—that we all carry—are able to hatch.

The Dynamite® Hair, Skin and Nails™ is an excellent human version of Dynamite® DYNA HOOF™ or Dynamite® Dyna Coat™ and we all know how those can work.

Dynamite® Hair, Skin and Nails™ seems to really promote hair and nail growth. Jim Zamzow a wonderful man / scientist who focuses on the best in Natural Care products for humans and for animals has come up with an incredible Dynamite® All-Natural Shampoo™ and Dynamite® All-Natural Conditioner™ without any alcohols or any other harmful additives. I know that once you try it, you’ll like it as much as we do!

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