Green Soap


Green Soap

Green Soap is a wonderful contribution to a Healthful society. It contains no harmful additives, for example, Propylene Glycol, etc., Un-like most commercial brands, Green Soap actually nourishes the skin!

Our favorite brand of Green Soap is known as Miracle II Green Soap. We use it to do almost any thing we’d use soap for.

I especially appreciate using Miracle II Green Soap to bathe our dogs. After which their fur always feels so soft and smells good too! I just recently bathed our Terrier, Gremlin (Gremmi Bear :o) and now he smells just like a lap-pup should.

Green Soap is very mild and yet does an extremely good job on hard to clean surfaces as well. We use it to de-toxify our Fruit and Vegetables. We also use it to brush our teeth and to wash our car!

Look for it at your local Health Food store. It can also be ordered from

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