Guilt-Free Coffee

CoffeeGuilt-Free Coffee

Thirty years ago my doctor had me do an experiment that proved to me it was coffee consumption that was causing my health problems. It was so conclusive that I have rarely enjoyed that delightful beverage since. Occasionally I will have a high-quality Americana or Espresso, justifying it as a “special occasion,” but since learning the damage it was doing to my body, I have always taken it with a heaping spoonful of guilt. But, NO MORE!

No More Guilt.

Some genius has figured out how to not only neutralize the harmful aspect of coffee, in the process he has actually turned his product into a health-BENEFICIAL beverage. Consumers of his coffees, teas and cocoa are claiming miraculous, spontaneous healings which I dare not even mention here. These people don’t even have to remember to take pills or potions–after all, what coffee drinker is going to forget to have his daily regimen of coffee?

Following are two excellent videos that fill in the details. These were created to recruit people to help market it, so if you are not interested in that aspect, just tune that out and learn how this amazing product is putting a new face on the huge coffee industry:

A 10-minute overview:

Interested? You can get some to try here, or, learn more in this

Full, detailed Presentation (30 minute)

If you are interested in obtaining any of these beverages at retail, or, if you are interested in a wholesale or network business opportunity with this exciting product line, click here.

If you have questions and would like to talk with a person about it, call 1-800-207-4365 and ask for Bruce.

We were introduced to a product that is quite interesting. I am now learning all that I can about it, plus creating a new web site (http”// through which I will present the more important information that I am learning. It is a network marketing business. I find that if the product is as beneficial as has been reported so far, I will be happy to be part of it. It is based on the very clever observation that most people forget to take their supplements, hug their kids, kiss their spouse, etc., but they NEVER forget to have their coffee, if they are coffee drinkers. This company has created a line of coffee, tea, cocoa and a few other items that are infused with a very beneficial mushroom called “Ganoderma Lucida.” This is the “Food of Emperors” mushroom that was only available to China’s emperors and their families for thousands of years. Modern research has confirmed that it does, indeed, have some startling powers at healing and supporting longevity. Hopefully this will turn into something “real” to replace the Aloe products we had.

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