Wild Edible Greens


Wild Edible Greens are Longer ‘Weeds’ but Delicious Nutritious Vegetable.

Wild Edible Greens


Wild Edible Greens are not just for stepping on… For nutrition they are un-surpassed! AND, they are 100% free for the choosing! Just about where ever we walk on Earth is a Garden of Wild Edible Greens Food at our feet. Along with some learned discretion one can never go hungry.

I love Wild Edible Greens! Everything about them! Not only are they highly nutritious—much more so than any store bought or even Garden Fresh Vegetables grown using, especially, commercialized fertilizer—They are Alkalinizing, very supportive of a Balanced pH which is something we all need more of.

Wild Edible greens


Wild Edible Greens are so delightful! They are always here, an adventure waiting to happen with everyone. Especially, children appreciate the adventure surrounding them! They are ornamental, so then quite charming to look at. They are fun to learn about and to play with to add into , Green drinks, Salads, Soups (particularly, Raw Soups of course).

I appreciate the gift of wild edibles. They simply grow—then to top it off, there is the research that mankind has done all about them over the millennium. Yes, studies show that Wild Edibles are the most nutritious things that there are to eat at our feet!

Bruce has done research on the research of this, with pictures! (to come soon)

Wild Edible Greens


So, each year we portion off a large area of our Garden to allow Nature to gift us with the joy of nutrients in high Green form. It is because of the Natural Wild Edible Green supply that we keep our Power Blender running a lot through the seasons.

I will never have a worry if I ever get lost in the wild, since I know what I can and should not eat.


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