Raw Food Diet


A Raw Food Diet is the most Nutrient Rich, Nature based ‘Health Choice’ diet that there is.

Health is all about Nutrition. For one wanting to be Healthy, a Raw Food Diet is the best Health Choice.

Raw Food DietA Raw Food Diet Promotes Natural Weight, with a strong focus on Alkalinity being key.


Working in any kitchen, whether it be a ‘Raw Food Kitchen’ or otherwise is always enhanced with the use of fun tools. Specific tools encourage more creative based dishes. The more creative the dishes, the more enhanced the desire for Eating the Food.

Since Joy is a big part of Food preparation for me, the perfect tool can be Fun and  engaging. I choose to use the perfect tools for Raw Food Diet Food Prep. One such tool is called by many names. The Spiralizer is also referred to as a Spiral Cutter or Spiral Slicer. No matter what the name, this wonderful tool can help create many mouth-watering dishes. My favorite Spiral Tool is called Spirooli Spiral 3-in-1 Slicer. It slices as well as Spiralizes.

Children are drawn to playing with Food. They are influenced positively through the use of fun enhancing tools used specifically in a Raw Food Diet. Tools like the ‘Spiralizer‘ will keep Kids interested in the more Nutritious Fruits and Vegetables and we all want this for them.

Spiralizers support a Raw Food Diet Choice to be more inviting for everyone inclined to ‘play’ with Food, not just Children. Spiralizers are a fun tool to have in any kitchen.

Even though the Spirlizer can do some fun things with raw Spiral Potato dishes usually then people will deep fry them and then I have to ask, “Where’s the Nutrition?” I use the same concept with Yams and Sweet Potatoes. I find the flavor from the Vegetables themselves are enough when prepared this way. They become enhanced with a sprinkle of a little Salt (Real Salt) and maybe some Healthful Oil. This can be a real treat next to a Green Salad.

My favorite thing to make using a Spiralizer we like to call Zuchetti. Click the blue link for a scrumptious Nutritious recipe.

Another ‘Must Have’ Tool in my kitchen for Raw Food Preparation is a Power Juicer. There are a few Brand names out there. We prefer the Vita-Mix and/or the BlendTec. These Power Blenders are recommended for preparing the best Green Smoothies, Raw Soups, Dressings, Cocktails and endless delicious dishes. Power Blenders last much longer and do a much better job of blending than the cheaper model blenders. We went through the cheaper models many times over before getting a Power one. It is recommended that for going on a Raw Food Diet that one invests in a Power Blender.

EatingRainbowThere are so many things to promote for one deciding to be on a Raw Food Diet. Especially if you are new to the concept. My hope is that you will find a home here on Joyous Oasis to support you in your adventure. take advantage of the recipes and knowledge around Alkaline Health. You will be ‘Healthy’ you did!

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