Spiral Slicer


I absolutely love to play with food! The colors, fragrances and creative possibilities keep me smiling daily!

Everyone appreciates a plate with an appealing festive allure. I think of the passion I have toward food as being divine. It is a sacred service from well before the beginning of the actual harvest to the sublime feeling left after the very last bite.

Behind the scenes, inside our physical selves, the body is appreciating the joy of sustenance on the cellular level. Appealing, alluring, wonderful food is accepted wholeheartedly by every part of our being even in the microscopic, as most of them are. This is especially true of the sustenance coming from raw diet recipes.

When eating raw it is easy for there to be little to no mess at all. Heck, we can simply happen upon a bush and partake from the natural bounty of berries, or bend over to choose a preferred leafy green from a Dandelion plant—of course, any leafy green growing a far distance from any unappealing nearby substances or otherwise ‘icky-pooh ‘—When in the actual process of the preparation of meals involving raw food eating—I do delight in the possibilities from which the tools at hand have to offer.


My favorite tools in the kitchen are those that help me create ornamental, colorful dishes. It is said that digestion actually begins through sight. Yes, in that very first appeal that comes from the first look at what we may be about to eat. All we gotta do is think about this to realize how true it is. Honestly, I know that for me, digestive juices begin to flow at the mere thought of the precise food that would satisfy a present craving. 

Tools, specific to the task are useful, they help the work involved go much easier. This is true for every creative endeavor. I appreciate most kitchen tools for the creative platters I get to prepare because of the access I have to them. I can serve a beautiful, totally raw diet menu with what I can do with specific tools. The Vegetables not only turn out ornamental, when spiralizing Vegetables there is more surface area for added flavors to cling to ie olive oil and vinegar.

We have a Spirooli that has features that most spiral slicers have. This can also be used for spiral potato dishes using yam and sweet potatoes—a hearty dish anytime especially for when on a raw diet.

For a raw foods diet weight loss plan a trip through Cleansing, Healing and Building pages of D.U.H.

Check out this link for SPIRALIZERS and a selection for the SPIRAL VEGETABLE SLICER

I appreciate eating raw every chance I get since I know my body responds well to the natural nutrients available to it through the raw food eating Yes, having fun tools like  these help it to be easy and fun to eat raw. to help make lots of raw food diet recipes.

Every now and then, I go strickly on a raw foods diet for months. Eating raw supports my body to cleanse, heal and build.

A vegetable cutter slicer can work with other food too. Let’s say that you want to have spiral ham. You could make the Spirooli work for you though it really works best with firmer substances.

Spiral slicers are a great gift!

Click on this link to go to where SPIRAL CUTTERS are sold.

The spiral slicer makes a wonderful gift for loved ones you know of who already enjoy playing with food. OR for those you’d like to influence to become more interested in playing with food as a service…

I enjoy playing with children in the kitchen, teaching them ways of preparing fun dishes. Spiralizers can be fun and easy for children to work with. While exercising caution of course.

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