Choosing Wisely


If you live south and have the luxury of year round ripening fruit,
count your blessings as you reach for that ripening avocado, orange,
papaya, etc. It is nice indeed to have fresh year round ripening food available nearby even when it is from the local market.
fruitIf you live in the north, support your dietary needs by taking advantage of spring, summer & autumn months when indigenous fruits & vegetables are most readily available and fresh. During the time when ripened fruit is not as easy to come by, dig into the highly nutritious & mostly alkalinizing recipes found through this site.

The recipes offered on this site can help to promote cleansing, healing and/or building of a body. The ingredients in the recipes incline toward proper food combining along with higher alkalinity content and are tasty too!

Remember that to maintain or to improve on health, the pH of your body must remain slightly alkaline as determined through pH testing. (go HERE for a Free Alkaline/Acid Chart and HERE for a Proper Food Combining Chart)

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