Real Sprout Bread


WheatgrassKits.comFound through most health food sources in the freezer section but if you are so inclined you can make this Manna bread for yourself. Click the following graphic for sprouting supplies

For a truly Rawsome Sprouted Bread choose from the many different high quality Wheat Berry seed.
Use twice the amount of pure clean water to soak the chosen grain for 10 to 12 hours. Preferably, in a glass container.

Soaking seeds of all type—and also dried fruit—is a very good way to get beneficial nutrients into drinking water. So, before rinsing capture the liquidThis is now a drink called ‘Rejuvilac’ and is known for its healthful benefits.
When fresh and from quality seed, Rejuvilac has a mild ‘lemony’ flavor and can be used where liquids are called for in recipes, especially raw. Add Rejuvilac to drinks, Lemonade, Apple-ade, any Green Drink, Veggie juices, soups.

If you do not drink Rejuvilac yourself you can feed it to plants and they will love you more for it!.

Rinse your seed at a minimum twice a day. Always use clean water.
wheat-sproutsWhen using a jar, keep sieve covered jar up on its end for water to drain.
Never allow the the seeds to sit in water.

Place in a cool dark place. Allow 3 to 5 days for the seeds to sprout.
When you see the sprout peeking out of its’ seed (about ¼ inch long) bring the jar into indirect sunlight.

On about the fifth day the ‘sprouts’ should be approaching 1 inch long and taking on a greenish hue from the chlorophyll.

At this time grind them all up – form a patty or patties and allow to sun dry in direct sunlight (or use a dehydrator or keep in the oven on a extra very low temperature untilmanna bread dried to preferred consistency.)

These luscious treats are edible at anytime. Check them periodically throughout the drying process for the texture that will appeal most to you.

Enjoy toasted lightly. Add butter and / or Real Fruit Jam. Sweet and yummy!

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