Super Greens


For a variety of Super Green Salads choose from an assortment of Dark Leafy Super Greens ie: Kale, Parsley, Dark & Leafy Lettuces, Dandelion, Lambs Quarter, Chard, Spinach

Springtime is the best time for Super Green Salads. Wild Greens are available in most ‘clean’ areas of the out door world. Step out side and look around. When you spot something Green, migrate towards it. There is a good chance that it is an edible source of much needed nutrition. Wild Greens are second to none when it comes to being a high source of nutrients. The coolness of the weather in early Springtime keeps them less bitter. When the hot heat of Summer comes along and the bitters in the Greens are a bit stronger, these very same Greens can nutrify a Green Smoothie, easily sweetened with Fruit which is ripe and available at this time of the season.

Super Greens are the best way we know of at this time to help with Alkaline reserves.

Getting back to preparing Super Green Salads – A general rule I like to follow for a dressing with Dark Leafy Greens is Olive Oil, Salt  and Lemon juice  (Sometimes ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) Also Wine Vinegar (Rice Vinegar is slightly acid ash forming though tastes good with Dark Leafy Greens.)

Adorn with chopped up Veggies of choice ie: Green Onion, Tomato, Cabbage, Sprouts, Bell Pepper, Thin slices of Carrot,

Mix together, Serve In-joy!

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