Dulse Salad

DULSE Sea Vegetable SALAD

(Dulse Sea Vegetable may be a bit radical for some it is a personal favorite of mine)
For those of you who dare to try it, it is rich in many alkalinizing minerals.)

Unless you have access to the coast & feel good about harvesting your own, you can find Dulse Sea Vegetable through most health food sources. It comes dried and ready to munch for those so inclined.

For the Dulse Sea Vegetable Salad begin by reconstituting Dulse by soaking it in water
&/or Olive Oil with Lemon juice.
Toss with: Chopped fresh Parsley,
Green Onions,
Olive &/or Sesame Oil
& Lemon juice (omit Lemon juice if used to reconstitute)
Garnish with Sesame Seeds, a sprig of Parsley and sliced Lemon

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