This is one of the BEST FOOD TIPS ever!
To help ripen avocados evenly and also to keep them from spoiling so fast, fill a container with flour that is slightly larger than the avocados you will want to house. Place the un-ripen fruit into the flour making sure to cover them. Check on daily. The avocados ripen evenly as if picked directly off of a tree!

Choose a firm ripened fruit. Slice the skin length wise. Take out the pit, and enjoy! Avocados go very well when sliced in leafy salads and also with tomatoes and red onion wrapped in cabbage leaf.
I take one half of the fruit in hand still in the skin and with the pit removed, I slice each half into thirds and turn the beautifully sliced slices over to allow them to fall onto the dish covered in greens


2 Large Ripe Avocados* Mush up avocado using a fork, mixer or blender until smooth:

Add 1 Chopped Onion
2 Quartered Tomatoes
1 Each Chopped Red and Green Bell Pepper (jalepeno if daring)
¼ Cup chopped Cilantro

Extras: Add fresh pressed Garlic, Lime or Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper, Cumin & Liquid Aminos to taste.

Add to the center of a leafy green salad and garnish with thin slices of Red Bell Pepper, Cilantro and a slice of Lime

Or serve on top of grated carrot that has been placed around the top of a bed of greens, add cilantro or parsley sprig on very top

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