Potato Leek


(When you want a break from cleansing – this soup can be very full-filling)

Steam until soft Small Red Potatoes or Russetts whatever white potato suits your fancy
(Sweet potatoes or Yams are a healthier choice and are my favorite when wanting raw soup).

Chop up leeks and mix with the cooked potatoes (or the raw sweet/yams) in a high Power Blender on ‘Soup’ cycle
Saute chopped Leeks in un-salted Butter or coconut oil and
Salt to taste (using Real Salt or comparable ‘real’ salt)

I also enjoy adding Mushrooms to this divine soup.

Add Garlic powder, Onion powder, fresh herbs like Oregano, fresh Basil and/or my favorite for this recipe, fresh Tarragon to taste. Yum!

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