Hot Soup


When I just think of ‘hot soup’ the expression “…warming the cockles of my heart” pours right over me. Now, I have no idea of what a cockle may be but if the feeling I get from even just thinking about enjoying a cup of hot soup has anything to do with it, then I am on board with cockles 100%.

The soups shared here are pure and simple. No additives, sweeteners, dyes, or otherwise unhealthy edibles.

The soups offered here are like Green Drinks in that they are highly nutritious, only warm. Two of the best ways of getting pure nutrients into a body, that I know of, very inviting, not to mention very tasty.

All one needs is a High Powered Blender along with the chosen ingredients and heart cockles may begin to warm. You may also need a nice soup cup or bowl to put it in.

See Recipe Section for Selections of Ideas

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