(Butternut works well for this as does many different varieties)

A delicious, healthful meal.

A delicious, healthful meal.

Peel and grate 1 good sized preferred squash (a food processor comes in handy here)
Chopped preferred veggies, like onions, celery, mushrooms, bell peppers, etc., herbs of all kinds. (Around here, we mix and match differently each time for variety.)

Prepare eggs as you would for an omelette (1 egg per cup of squash/veggie mix, give or take)
I like to add my own personal tastes of herbs and/or spices into the egg mixture at this point.
Do not salt until at the table allowing everyone to salt there own
Ideally, Black pepper should never be added until after food has been cooked

Add preferred oil (I like butter for this recipe) into a good size fry pan. Allow to become hot.
To prepare the veggie/squash mix, add chopped onion, celery, mushrooms, etc., along with the grated squash into a bowl and mix together.
Put mix into the prepared pan, hot with melted butter, and coat with the oil from butter. (Some prefer to cook for a while to get the veggies soft. I do not. I prefer the veggies to be as raw as can be, so when they become coated and I take them out then move to the next step)
Add egg mixture and allow to harden (maybe about 4 minutes)
Sometimes I saute the vegetables and then scoop them out place them in a bowl until the egg cooks to harden. I then add the cooked veggies onto one side of the egg, which is usually in circular form. Then, I cover the veggies with one side of the hardened egg and allow to steam with a lid over the pan for a minute or so.

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