Zuchetti Sauce


For this recipe I like to use my Power Blender or food processor. For a ‘chunkier; sauce then I do the ‘hicup’ method with either tool. If I want it to be blended well and smooth I use the Power Blender. Both are wonderful sauces. Very tasty!

The basic ingredients include:
Tomatoes (4 to 6 Plum are good though anyone s’ choice)
Mushrooms (8 to 12 Buttons-Buttons are cheaper and go well)
Onions (1 medium to large – Red or white are best for this)
Green Onion (maybe 3 to 5)
Peppers (There are many choice selections; Bell Peppers are mild, sweet and always a good choice for a nice Tomato based sauce – If you like spicy then Jalepenos, Cayenne, etc.,)
Lemon juice to taste
Garlic minced and to taste
Olive Oil to taste
Salt (Real Salt)
Basil, Oregano, Rosemary to taste

This sauce is wonderful served with Zuchetti sprinkled with this wonderful Brazil Nut Cheese called ‘Like Parmesan’.

The thing of it is, like many who are comfortable ‘playing’ with Food, I use different ingredients, in different ways all of the time. The above ingredients go well together and the amounts always vary. I use the mix and match method in all my recipes. I find it difficult to tell someone how I actually put things together. I think this is true with most ‘Food Preps’—that once comfortable with Food this relaxed attitude tends to be the case. Most recipes shared are never how they are really put together. The basics are all a person needs to begin. Over time, it becomes easier to guesstimate what goes best with which and when. I think that the very best advice I can share is to have fun and taste as you go.


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