Green Drinks

Here’s to the very best in health!

Drinking Green Drinks are a wonderful alkalinizing way to start everyday day!
All that is needed is a high powered, blender and the ingredients.
Green drinks are so easily digestible that they are considered
thee number one essential for healthful living today. They are the perfect easy way of getting those much needed nutrients into our bodies.

This is a basic recipe to make any green drink.

(I suggest learning about Proper Food Combining and pH Balance before adding things to the mix. Click these link for a free Food Combining Chart and also an Alkaline/Acid Balance Chart  that you can print out.)

Begin by putting 2 or 3 cups liquid into a, preferably a high powered, blender. This liquid could be clean fresh water, Apple juice, Pineapple or comparable fresh juice. I enjoy using Tomato as a base when I am not in the mood for ‘sweet’.

To this liquid add a handful or two of fresh raw greens, for example: Parsley, Kale, Carrot tops, Celery, Comfrey, Dandelion, and other *wild edibles (especially, in early spring before they bitter), Green Leaf Lettuce, Mint, Spinach, etc., (First, chop up those that tend to leave behind strings in the blender blades ie; parsley, celery)
*F.Y.I: *Wild edibles when you can, since they have a much higher nutrient count

Adding banana, and/or other sweet fruits will sweeten it up even more so. Also, adding bananas and dried fruits will help to thicken it.
For those times when you’d enjoy the ‘shake like drink’ add in fruits that are allowed to freeze first.

(Around here we like to peel bananas and cut them in half, laying them out on a tray before putting them in the freezer. After they freeze we put them into a storage container. This way they will freeze without sticking to each other making them easy to grab.)

Soaking dried fruit in the allotted water for an hour or so (overnight would be ideal) is a good way to sweeten the water and will put less strain on the blender. Especially, if it is not a high powered, blender.

You may consider adding cacao (raw chocolate), Maca root, ginger, etc., for the added nutrients, as well as flavor, that they offer.

When using tomatoes as the base I like to add veggies like celery, onion, garlic, peppers, etc., olive oil. lemon (peel and all), maybe garnish with olives. This is very different than the sweet from using fruit juices and still so delicious.

For the best in health keep in mind – how to properly Food Combine

To keep digestion from becoming acrid, follow this chart for Alkaline/Acid

Blend to liquefy, drink and enjoy!

You may consider adding your daily quality supplements before blending.

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