Liquid Salads


For those of us simply in love with the taste of a good Liquid Salad, here’s to our health!

Liquid Salads are just what they sound like. Salads that have been liquified for easier digestion. In this case, another word for Raw Soup. All that is needed really is a Power Blender.

Best to have a Power Blender rather than one less powerful because of the more heavy duty processes needed for different Vegetables and Greens. Before Power Blenders came along we went through many of the simpler blenders way too often. The simpler blenders work well with juicy fruit but this is about all they can handle.

Especially, for those who do not have the benefit of teeth and/or digestibility like most  do, Liquid Salads are the perfect meals to help nutrify a body.
They are perfect for babies just beginning to test their capabilities and for those others who have worn theirs out.

Raw ingredients and Proper Food Combining make up these delicious Alkaline meals. Particularly beneficial for people wanting to alkalanize in a pinch.

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