Like Parmesan


This is an amazing recipe—almost ‘Like Parmesan’.
The texture and flavor really work! It comes highly recommended to use along side of 
our Zuchetti.

Add to Power Blender:
About 1 to 1+1/2 cups of Raw Brazil Nuts
(Brazil Nuts and Hazelnuts do not need to be soaked like most other nuts do)

Real Salt to taste

About ¼ cup Lemon juice (I pull it off using less and sometimes more, I think this actually depends on the nuts)

4 TBLS. Olive Oil (optional)

1/4 cup water (Have this much water ready but you do not necessarily use it all. This will depend on the consistency that you prefer at the time.)

My preference here is to begin with the above ingredients and add the Olive Oil, using the ‘hicuping’ motion with the Power Blender or food processor – about 12 times, give or take, ’til it becomes crumbly.

Then I go on from there adding herbs and spices and water if desired.

If you enjoy Parm Cheese like I do with herbs and spices of your choosing, I recommend minced: garlic for sure, green onion, parsley, rosemary, thyme, especially when going with ‘Italian’ theme, as in Zuchetti – Also, maybe some red hot pepper flakes or grated black pepper corn to taste.

While adding water slowly – Blend away for smooth and creamy using a Power Blender or a food processor with an S Blade
OR Use the ‘hicup’ motion with the Power Blender until the preferred consistency. (I personally like it to be a little bit crumbly this means less water and less blending)

Dehydrate if you prefer it drier to preferred dryness level.



If you’d prefer a cheese ball, shape while still in the cheese cloth then drizzle with Olive Oil and roll in minced herbs and spices. This mix tends to be crumbly so there is a fine line to having too much hydration and not enough. (I really appreciate Olive Oil for this recipe sometimes I use more to help when the cheese ball is too dry)

  • Carefully unwrap cheese ball, and coat with herbs – It crumbles easily.

Leave in direct sun until it dries sufficiently, turning it now and again. Keep an eye on it so it does not dry out too much unless you do not mind having the crumbles.

For a beautiful and simple setting, serve in the middle of a plate prepared with a cover of Parsley or Kale leaves
Maybe adorn around the cheese blob with Celery slices, thinly sliced, dip-able pieces of Carrot, Green Onion, your choice crackers or flat breads, sprouted Manna Bread

Garnish with a fresh Basil leaf or Parsley sprig on top of the cheese. Rosemary stems are nice as a garnish here as well.

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