Orange Smooth


(This is the very best way I know of to enjoy drinking Orange juice. It is so absolutely delectable!)

This recipe is well over enough for one person but it is so delicious …

1 handful of fresh dark leafy Greens (ie Parsley, Kale, Spinach)

2 or 3 Oranges peeled (see below)

Peel the outer skin from the Oranges (Orange oil is very volitile & never for orange-peels-dscf6283consumption)

Leave the pith (white insides of peel – since it has lots of bioflavonoids, full of nutrients).


Simply take the whole Orange in hand and go around it with a rather sharp knife to take the peel leaving as much of the pith as possible.

Depending on the size of the Fruit we cut them into quarters to fit through the juicer shaft.

Put the Orange into the juicer along with a handful of Parsley (or preferred dark leafy Greens) Followed by the remaining Oranges
(The Fruit going first seems to help the juicing process of Greens in the Centrifugal type juicers (a Champion Juicer will easily juice Greens by itself)

If you want to utilize all nutritive qualities of this drink, including the pulp—use a Power Blender.
Juicing TIP: To prevent the juicer from ‘spitting’ on you and your counter-top:
We put a 4-cup glass measuring cup under the spout to catch the juice, then place a tall tumbler horizontally across the measuring cup to cover the spout.
The angle of the tumbler re-directs the spatter back into the measuring cup. Rigid plastic is okay in this case, as glass-on-glass is never recommended.

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