Lemonade Cleanse Recipe


Lemons for Lemonade Cleanse Recipe

This Lemonade Cleanse Recipe is extremely cleansing and delightfully refreshing too! Drinking this juice, on a regular basis, will help a body to become more alkaline which promotes cleansing, healing and eventually building of healthier cells.

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You may have already heard about or have experienced the Lemonade Cleanse. If you are reading this just to be reminded of the cleanse formula/proportions then this  revitalizing recipe may be all that you need.

To make your own simple Lemonade Cleanse Recipe, add the following ingredients to one quart of the purest of water:

  1. Squeeze one half of a fresh Lemon or Lime. You may consider experimenting with using the peel & all of either the lemon or the lime. That is if you have access to an electric juicer. Using the peels will make the juice more nutrient rich, and little more bitter. When adding enough of the Maple Syrup,  it will still be satisfying and still cleansing in a whole different way. (FYI: Lemon & Lime peels are ok to ingest but never other citrus peels.)Lemons and Liimes For Lemonade Cleanse RecipeMaple Syrup for Lemonade Cleanse Recipe
  2. Add two tablespoons (or to taste) of pure genuine Grade B or Grade A Maple Syrup.
  3. Sprinkle a dash of Cayenne Pepper for added blood purifier for cleansing.Mix together & enjoy!Lemonade or Limeade Cleanse RecipeWriters’ note: I really like this recipe to have in my refrigerator for when I feel thirsty for something other than water. My husband used to appreciate more than now but he prefers fresh apple juice or carrot juice made with our  Jack Lalanne Juicer.For additional information, or, to review the complete “Master Cleanse Secrets” program, Click Here! 

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