Desserts In The Raw


If you are like me at all, you appreciate your dessert first!

When eating nutritious desserts, it is not only okay but advisable to eat dessert first. (You see, the tables are turning for us–I just knew this day would come! :o)

Eat desserts* first and always before a meal – (That is, if indeed you plan to eat as much.)

It is advisable to eat sugary foods* at least 1/2 hour before eating other heavier food.
It takes much less energy to digest sugars, in all forms* – Plus, it takes a much different ‘climate’—if you will—of stomach acids to digest things, like protein.

Since sugar* digests much more quickly—and since we do not want to have the heavier food being pushed through by the digestive aids best meant for the digestion of sugar*, without its’ due process through the digestive channels—the ideal scenario would be to enjoy dessert* first, wait a little while, and then the digestion of heavier things eaten will take their due time to process much more efficiently.

*This includes sugar in every form – for example; Fruits, as well as Agave, Maple syrups, Turbinado, Honey, etc., (Click on this link for a FREE Proper Food Combining Chart).

According to most people I have spoken with, this sounds like a much more appealing plan anyway and since it is best for digestion, well, then… again, it is nice and easy to trust in Nature.

When a nutritious dessert is the meal, it puts an entirely different outlook around the concept of what’s for dinner?

It is of interest to this thinking mind (at least for the time being…) that eating sweets first does seem to come naturally to most people, especially children. True, that for the most part, this is yet another natural process that has been chiseled away from us since childhood – As if adults (already warped human beings) know better. We all know now that to wear the title ‘adult’ means to be further from the truth of natural guidance-
Adults used to think it was best for children to learn what they considered to be better eating habits. In all fairness to them, they did it out of caring. Little did they know, and I mean this literally, about ‘natural eating habits’!This ‘eating desserts first‘ scenario is something that many do feel drawn toward and naturally so. This is a total 180 from and not at all like the scenario… “Don’t eat that, it’ll spoil your meal!”

My research has taught me that (natural) sweets actually help pave the way for better digestion of other food to come—that is—when the rules of Proper Food Combining are in play.

Begin with Chocolate Mousse Supreme for a delicious and nutritious way to begin a meal. ‘Rawsome’ desserts* are accepted by the body as nutrition. So have at it! All you want, whenever you want it. This is real freedom in my book!

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