For Rawsome Living Food Recipes (and also Heated Healthy ones) begin at ‘HOME’ Page go down the right side way towards the bottom—OR—Look through the ‘Body Talk – Food – Recipes’ section, Click on ‘Recipes’ and go on from there—for tantalizing recipes that will assist Alkalinity and Proper Food Combining.

Note: ‘Proper Food Combining’ along with ‘pH Balance‘ are key to everyone s’ perfect health. Click below for FREE charts on how to become more familiar with both of these essential tools of knowledge for your perfect health.

Click on these links for FREE Food Combining and Alkaline/Acid Balance Charts.
Follow this link to learn ‘pH Balance’ then use the charts to help your learning along.

Be forewarned: Recipes that I share are hardly ever calculated. The thing of it is, I enjoy the challenge in playing with food. I use different ingredients, in different ways all of the time. The ingredients chosen go well together and the amounts are usually varied.
I use the mix and match method in all my recipes. I find it difficult to tell someone how I actually put things together, since,  I rarely take notes.
I am conscious of Proper Food Combinations as well as Alkaline/Acid Balance Most of the recipes through this site reflect this. Enjoy—as much as I have, and do!
Always Love, Anni

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