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Gluten Free

What is Gluten Free?

Click on this LINK to find what Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has to say regarding some facts about Gluten Free diet and the importance surrounding the question. “Why Gluten Free?”

WheatFirst, we’ll discuss just a little about what Gluten is. The word ‘Gluten’ is Latin for ‘Glue’. It is a complex protein found in Barley, Rye, and mostly Wheat. Oats have similar polypeptide chains but the jury is still out on whether or not Oat Gluten is harmful for those with allergic response. Gluten is formed when Gliadin and a Glutenin (found within Seeds of the Grass family) come together. These proteins are different from those found in Maize (Corn) and Rice so even though they are thought to have Gluten by some, it is my understanding, they do not.

Gluten has been wonderful to bake with. It not only adds elasticity to help hold Baked Goods together, it is also how they keep their shape while baking. Plus, Gluten adds that chewy delightful texture to help them to melt in our mouths. (Scott Adams of shares more about Gluten and Gluten Free through this link.)

Gluten Free

It lies intrinsic in all of us worldwide, I think, to have an appreciation, even a deep reverent respect for Breads, and  of all types. From the sowing of the Seed, to the harvesting of the Grain, to the preparation it takes to get it to our mouths, eating Bread has been the number one sustenance at the dinner table for over millennium. Bread as a primary Food dates back to long before calendars were made, back in time when Food was Natural and much different than it is today.

Gluten has been wonderful to bake with. It not only helps baked goods to keep their shape while baking, it adds elasticity to help hold them together. It also adds a chewy delightful texture to those goods so that they melt in our mouths.

Alas, now-a-days, it is wise to stay away from eating Gluten based foods and since Breads and Baked Goods are a huge part of our culture, Gluten Free is the way to go.

In the U.S.of A. most Grains of all type—including and perhaps, most especially Wheat—have undergone genetic modification over the years. This has rendered them, for the most part, no longer accepted by our naturally based digestion system. This, added to the fact that Grains leave behind an Acid Ash pH, is the reason why I personally feel better steering clear of Grains—and most especially Wheat—for the sake of my Optimum Health.

Manna Bread, is real Sprouted Bread made from Sprouted non-G.M.O. Grains. These Gluten Free Breads are quite delicious, nutritious substitutions for eating Bread. However Manna Breads are not at all like Bread made with Gluten. It is difficult to prepare a sandwich using Gluten Free Sprouted Manna Bread but as stated before, by itself it is really very delicious and satisfying.

When Sprouted, Grains become a Plant (Vegetation) and no longer leave behind Acid Ash after digestion but Alkaline. As far as Gluten goes, I have heard that the Gluten exists in the Sprouted still, however, I believe true nature of Sprouts begins breaking down the Gluten Protein the closer they get to becoming a plant.
True “Sprouting” should allow for Seeds to take on a ‘tail’ beginning to catch Chlophyll after allowing to ‘sprout’ for 4 to 5 days. Most reputed “Sprouted” Breads on the market today are not sprouted at all but only soaked over the course of hours and then professed to be sprouted. This may explain why some say Sprouted Grains still have Gluten.
Sprouted Grains, truly Sprouted (for 3 to 5 days) Grains is by far the very best way to eat them. Click this link for a recipe for making your own Manna Bread from nutritious, delicious Sprouted Grains in the comfort of your own home.

Gluten FreeI’d note also that with this in mind, from my perspective, eating Gluten Free is only winning part of the battle. When it comes to eating Breads—And we all love our baked goods—we should know that there is not much room for getting around the pH issue. Except for the breads made from the company called Paleo Bread, most Gluten Free recipes leave Acid Ash pH when the body is through with digestion. Even some of the Paleo Breads are made with other Acid Ash leaving ingredients, like eggs.


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