In the ‘Getting Healthy Series’ by Doctor Regan Golob there is one article that stands out and it is this one ‘FATS We Need Them‘ I suggest reading this article before proceeding, especially if of the belief that fats are harmful and non-conducive to health.


As is true with most if not all fats, butter is of neutral ph. When choosing butter, unless you know it to be fresh, unsalted butter is the healthier choice. There is no telling how old salted butter is because the salt covers the rancidity.
You may find unsalted butter in the freezer section of most health food sources and in the freezer section of most grocery outlets.

When cooking with Oils, Coconut and Oil from Nuts or Seeds are the best.

Coconut oils leave behind lovely, yet stronger flavors that are often not a good match with certain foods.

Cooking with Olive Oil is always highly discouraged.

For the very best in nutritive qualities of all Oils, never cook them. If you must cook with Oils then some Oils are better to heat than others.

Olive oil should be always eaten raw and cold pressed utilizes the rich source of chlorophyll in olive oil so choose this if you can.

Sesame Oil is full of nutrients and like Coconut and Olive Oil is very good for the skin.

A Raw Note:
Toasted Sesame Oil is a wonderful additive for flavor in dressings, of all kinds – though the Seeds were ‘toasted’ before pressing the Oil out

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