CravingsCravings are Natural. The body instinctively uses this ability to sense what is needed within—not only for the survival of the individual body but for in the greater context as well—the survival of the human species of life on Earth. To gather exactly what is meant by this, read further…

Cravings lead the Body toward the sustenance that It needs to survive. Strong, and even overwhelming Cravings for particular foods with particular minerals will over-power us when the body is deficient.

I know that for me, Digestive Juices begin to flow at the mere thought of the precise food that would satisfy a present particular Craving. This phenomenon is built into each of us. Take notice if you hadn’t already, we actually and quite naturally, will always Crave what we need.

Real cravings are underneath the ‘superficial’ cravings.

Woman Signing a CheckWhen we liken our Optimal Health (plentiful Alkaline reserves) to that of having enough money in our checking account, such that when there are plenty of ‘reserves’ we can write checks, taking from that account. If there are no ‘reserves’ available, we should not be writing checks. We can look at the—eating of things that are non-supportive to our Body—as ‘cashing in’ on our Health, like writing checks against our Health ‘Account’ when there is no Health in the account to write checks on.

In summary, it is best to already have plentiful Alkaline Reserves in ‘stock’ before partaking of something with no Nutritive value, that may simply be for pleasure. 

It is very simple to ‘honor’ Cravings that we may ‘think’ of as non beneficial to our Body. We support our Body to always be prepared by consistently enjoying foods that are of Alkaline pH and nutritive quality as a matter of course, everyday. Only then, is it ever ‘wise’ to partake of a ‘treat’—things that we consider as non-beneficialevery now and then.



GreenOrangeDrinkI highly recommend using Super Greens to prepare delicious Green Drinks. This is what ‘those in the know’ use & daily, to keep their Alkaline Reserves ‘Account’ Full. Especially, for when we are on the run. Around here, we also appreciate the Wachters’ Professional Formula C as an amazing concentration of pure Chlorophyll made from Pure Sea Vegetation.
We use ‘Formula C’ when Super Greens are not as easy to come by or for when we are hard up for the need to be super-charged for one reason or another. Now, with Alkaline Reserves high and over flowing, we are ready and able to fully participate when the ‘party’ happens along. Cashing in on a few Alkaline Health ‘Chips’ already stored up in our Reserves—and our Body hardly feels the Acidity, if at all, that the non-nutritive substances leave behind.

(Please bear with me. There is so much more to this…)

As Doctor Golob says, “The Body does all it can to survive..”. It does not care about losing weight, pimples, or pain from a stomach ache or a tooth, etc., The body does all that it can to keep the heart beating. Part of this is sub-consciously leading us toward Nutrients that we need to survive.
We will refer to the Cravings that pull us toward Healthful substances as ‘Natural Cravings’ as opposed to ‘programmed cravings’, those lacking in Alkalinity and Nutrition. All overwhelming ‘Natural Cravings’ are the mechanism that the subconscious mind uses to steer the body toward the best scenario for survival.

I have heard Doctor Golob also say that when a person has a Craving, they should allow themselves whatever it is that they Crave. If, by the next day, the Craving is still there, the Craving was misinterpreted.

In this case, for the sake of Optimal Health, it may be best to then find out what the Craving really is, in the way of a Vitamin, Mineral or Phyto-Nutrient.

CravingsSometimes, when this context is presented amidst groups we’ll hear folks joke. They will teasingly add, “I should have that ‘beer’ then.” The comment back to them may be in support of saying “Yes” to having the ‘beer’. The comment may also be educational, to inform before the choice is made, about ‘beer’ also having detrimental effects to be aware of.
The substance—in this case ‘beer’—may have nutrients that a body is naturally drawn toward. It is well known that ‘beer’ also has detrimental effects when ‘appreciated’ long term.

Obviously, in the case of pursuing Health, it would be better to note other, more Healthful sources of whatever nutrient is needed. Nutrients that the Body would better utilize and perhaps more efficiently than those one would get from a ‘beer’.

When a person is working toward Optimal Health, they would not consider having ‘beer’ as the perfect choice for gathering—let’s say for example—B Vitamins. Ideally, one would do better to do the needed research to establish other sources for the ‘reason’ behind ‘this particular Craving‘. Especially, if it is a chronic Craving, one that comes up again and again.

Thinking about something is not the same as Craving. 


So, for optimizing our ‘one-and-only’ state of Health, we do best to be careful while interpreting.

When we are swayed into either ‘thinking about’ or ‘craving’ an unNatural Food substance, it is most often due to environmental surroundings.

Thinking about something is not the same as Craving something.

This is an all-to-common and also quite tricky scenario that simple awareness can help with. A real true Craving comes from the tuning into the True Sensory Perception of the Physiological Response in the Body. Ideally, what the body craves should reflect what the body needs—and not from habits formed or programming which seems to best describe what is going on through mass crazes in our culture today.

Ideally, what the body craves should reflect what the body needs

Un-Conscious Thought stems from who knows where or what.
Un-Conscious Thought can be influenced by other Thought.
The difference may be subtle to one still thinking, un-Consciously …

This phrase may make sense;
‘Thought should always honor Cravings. Cravings should never honor thought.’

In other words: We must always be wary of our Thinking. It is best to learn to prioritize ‘Feeling’ over Thought. This is true throughout most aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to taking care of Physical Bodies. This begins to make more sense when we become more familiar with how our own Body relates. It really makes the most sense here to use the word ‘Feel’.

CravingAppleTreeSince true Cravings come from the  Physiological Response of the Body, It is important that they be Well-Respected and Listened to through the sense of ‘Feeling’.


To begin in an amazing new realm
of Self-Discovery

Kinesiology is an amazing, all Natural &  highly recommend ‘tool’ to become familiar with. When learned and used properly there is no better way to get to know the inner workings of our Physical Selves.

Understanding the Kinetic responses of the Body can help greatly with Cravings. ‘Muscle Testing’ as it is sometimes called, is simple and built into each of us so we get to have it with us anywhere we find ourselves. There is so much taking place beneath the skin of the Body—on the SubConscious level. Not having a clue what to do for our Health can be a really puzzling situation for many of us. When we learn how to read the Kinetic responses through the Gift of Kinesiology we can tune into this realm that we do not often get to see using only our Eyes. I think of Kinesiology as yet another Wonderful Gift given us by Nature Itself, to help us to Live easier.

Physiologically, this all really comes down to being here now within the reality of this moment—not at all about what thoughts are being thunk (what? this is a good word for here! :o) but about the True Reality of the Moment—the actual essence of the reality within this moment, again, without thought… Only, now, Listening-to the Body while it is  telling us ‘what is up with It’.

shilouette_of_man_meditating_BLUEI recommend bringing out the ‘Big-Guns’ here with Meditation. When I allow myself to really Listen to what my Body is telling me, It sometimes takes me going quite deep to get passed a strong well established habit. This is the only way I have found that actually works…


…and since I know I am Healthy, under my skin—meaning that I have kept up with my Alkaline intake and my Alkaline Account is on the plus side of positive. So I feel I can justify ‘writing a few ‘checks’ on my account’. Since this is the case I feel okay about cashing in a few of my ‘Health-chips’ on a Craving that has been ‘haunting’ me lately.

By allowing myself the ‘Thought Craving’—or is it a ‘Feeling Craving’?—it is time to go within – and with a bowl of ‘cheese curls’ within my reach—to find out. I am including the eating of the ‘cheese doodles’ while Meditating—enjoying each and every morsel as I experience exactly what this unNatural substance does to my physiology within. This will allow me to ‘Feel’ what eating this foreign ‘food’ may be doing to my Body, my energy. Who can say? Maybe the very act of appreciating a cheese curl will bring to me true contentment and lead me that much closer to Enlightenment. Wow, I must find out!


The actual ‘matter’ of the ‘fun stuff’ eaten will no doubt leave behind little to none Nutritive value. This while inhibiting Digestion throughout all aspects of the many avenues that the substance must take before being expelled out ‘the back door’, that is if it will even come to be expelled out ‘the back door’.

On the physical realm, for Optimal Health, this entire scenario is not at all recommended. Our Cellular Physiology & Structure requires more of us in the way of Care. The Physiology of our Body just wants to do what it needs to, to survive. Ideally, physically, we’d ingest only that which the Body needs.



Even though, at this point, inside of my own personal Health adventure, I would never really consider my desire to eat a cheese curl, an actual ‘Craving’. In this particular scenario, the ‘cheese curl’, or ‘doodle’ represents all aspects of frivolous eating that I believe we can all get passed given True Heart-felt Awareness and Gratitude for Life in the moment. When we add the Art of Meditation, Love and Awareness to every aspect of Being, we will be at peace. Listening to our Body will simply be a part of us. We will know because It will tell us, when it is okay to have a ‘beer’ or a simple bag of ‘cheese curls’… or not.

One can see that giving in to, we’ll call them ‘UnNatural or Thinking Cravings’, now and again may be easier for one who has an established Health Base. Giving in to Cravings when not Healthy tends to come back to bite us where it hurts—and in a much bigger and bigger way each time.

Basic Food Groups

All for love of money.

So, for one who sees themselves as not having Health to ‘write a check on’ be really careful using this particular way of getting beyond unNatural Cravings. Losing our Health to dis-ease of any type can be devastating and so not at all recommended.
For one in this situation my opinion is for you to become well, with enough Alkalinity stored so that you may appreciate Cravings that do not happen to be beneficial to the body, like a ‘beer’ or a handful of ‘cheese doodles’. In the meantime, there are wonderful Healthful treats to ‘indulge’ in that can help add to your Alkaline reserves. All the more reason for Appreciation and Meditative Gratitude to kick in – and always with Love of course!

Eating things for fun may satisfy a non-physiological process somewhere in the psyche, thus translating the need from a non-nutritive substance for an emotional one—which, I think, can have its’ place in our personal worlds, however, I hold these scenarios to be about the processes we are meant to grow beyond, for the sake of Optimal Health. ‘Cause, people having Optimal Health is Amazing! Everyone should , if not constantly live there, should at least find out what they are missing before they

For example, something inside of myself still clings to a memory I had while enjoying ‘cheese doodles’. Every once in a while I allow my self to visit this place… Sometimes triggered by seeing someone else eating the cheese curls. I would not call this a ‘craving’ but a simple need to pacify a moment.

When I make the choice to partake in an enjoyable substance that I do not hold to be particularly detrimental to my Body at the time of choosing it is my True Belief that when I eat it with Gratitude and Appreciation for what I am experiencing that then it is OK. I have actually experience on occasion, Muscle Testing on things that before I ‘Blessed’ them, they left me weaker. By ‘Blessing’ them the energy becomes transformed into something that leaves the Body feeling strong. Now, isn’t this Interesting… And so to this I say, “Thank You, Creator of Nature”!

meditationMaOrangeCravingsWhen we Honor Everything that we feel strongly about—pour in just a modicum of Love—all judgement aside—Gratitude reigns and all seems well within the World. Blessing our lives, as we venture along, moment by moment leaves True Contentment.
We all want True Contentment. We all have Choice to Own It. Choice is Within Each and Every Moment We are Aware.

Cravings are just another perfect reason for choosing to Own on-going Optimal Health as a general rule throughout our Nature given lives. Being prepared with an already built-in sense of Optimal Health allows us to partake in any Craving that happens along. Breathe freeWhen we are satisfied Optimally, Health wise, we get to enjoy Life with Grace. When we are in-joy experiencing Trust in Creator of Nature how could Grace be wrong?

It Feels ‘right’ to Trust in Feelings since they come to us through the sub-Conscious, our Nature Creator ‘Guide’ if you will. This includes ‘In-Joying’ everything that comes to be in our space. Maybe by honoring a particular Craving at the time will guide Society to be a better place somehow… Hmm, maybe… We all know that the Creator of Nature works in mysterious ways…

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