Words of warning: Even though fruits & vegetables provide alkalinizing minerals that will adjust the pH of your body, a sudden change from eating mostly acid-ash producing foods to mostly alkaline-ash producing foods can cause unpleasant effects. If your body is not accustomed to eating fruits and vegetables, begin little by little, adding more of them to your diet each day.

As a rule always chew your food slowly. Preferably (from your body s’ digestion point of view) with conscious awareness. Mixing food with saliva is the beginning stage of the process of digestion. Mixing digestive juices with food aids in absorption of nutrients.

For best ease in digestion drink your food and chew your drink.

The best way to improve a diet is to do it gradually and steadily while enjoying the process.

AN IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION TO NOTE: The more dis-eased you may be, the more monogamously you should eat.

Do your best to use organically raised natural foods when you can.


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