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For optimal pH Balance be Alkaline. Use this FREE Chart for Alkaline / Acid Balance

Food-Combining helps greatly with Digestion. Learning which foods go with which is a step in the optimal direction as it refers to Eating. Stomach acids appreciate the sorting of Food taking place before they get to our mouths.

Stomachs have different ‘climates’ for digesting different things. The beginning of which begins in our mouth. Food stimulates the appropriate digestive juices while the chewing action starts. Sugars require an entirely different chemistry than does, say, protein than does greens, than does Fruit and so on…

There is not a little man of sorts in out stomach doing the needed sorting. It is up to our thinking to get a hold on this before we swallow things meant for proper digestion. This FREE Food-Combining Chart is a very useful guide. We like to keep ours displayed prominently on a kitchen wall or on the refrigerator.

These products and others found through out this web site can support an optimal Alkaline diet:

When un-sure of a product – test on it!

Hold the substance to your center (just below Navel Area) stand still and relax. Now be aware… If the pull takes you toward the substance – it will benefit you.
If the substance repels and pushes you backward, do without, at least for the time being.

When/If you are un-satisfied with results that you receive, test again at a later time when perhaps your body’s needs will change and be different.

When a substance you already know is not beneficial for you and even detrimental – well,  Remember D.U.H. Do Understand Health!
Why would you want to ingest something that takes away from your strength? This is when you may want to check your programming.

If ‘going for it’ regardless, change the energy field by blessing it. Remember that it is the way that we think that ultimately rules. See chapter Applied Kinesiology.


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