Chelation Process


A Word About Chelation

ChelationChelation (pronounced ‘key-lay-shun’) describes a particular way that ions and molecules bind metal ions.

Nature invented the process of chelation. A German scientist named Werneer discovered it in 1893.
It was not until 1920 that two other scientists, Morgan and Drew, named the process ‘chelating’.

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Sir Gilbert T. Morgan and H. D. K. Drew stated: “The adjective chelate is derived from the great claw, or chele (Greek), of the Lobster or other Crustaceans. It is suggested for the caliper-like groups which function as two associating units and fasten to the central atom so as to produce hetero-cyclic rings.”

This chemical definition of Chelation summed up is, ‘To firmly bind a metal ion with an organic molecule (ligand) to form a ring structure. The resulting ring structure protects the mineral from entering into unwanted chemical reactions.’

Again, as I understand it, a mineral has to have a neutral charge in order to be available. That is the whole concept behind this process called Chelation. The mineral is bonded to an Amino Acid which acts like a Trojan Horse and carries the mineral through the intestinal Mucosa into the Bloodstream.

Inorganic minerals, or improperly manufactured Chelates, which have a high molecular weight (measured in Daltons) are simply too big to go through the mucosa. This scenario is likened to trying to get a volleyball through the mesh on a screen door.

A chelated mineral that can be utilized by the body
is one that results in increased metabolism of that mineral.

For more of the same, refer to the booklet, ‘Minerals: Right on Target’ by Dr. Harvey Ashmead, founder and owner of Albion Laboratories. Dr. Harvey was formerly the Sales Director for Pfizer Pharmaceutical Company. In 1956, he had the opportunity to either establish a new division of Veterinary Sales for Pfizer in New York, or move to Utah. He obviously and fortuitously, chose the latter, and established Albion Laboratories, in Clearfield, Utah. To date, Albion holds 56 patents, many international, on chelated mineral formulations and is the undisputed world leader in research on minerals.

Albion chelated minerals are three to eight times better absorbed than inorganic minerals, or incorrectly made chelates or proteinates. Inorganic mineral forms include oxides, which are the least available; sulfates, which are utilized better than the oxides; and carbonates, which are the most available of the inorganics. In fact, especially in animal nutrition, carbonates act as a buffer.

While being smart about consuming supplements, consider things that we talked about in earlier chapters, for example, testing on things before ingesting them and be in tune with nature to the best of your ability, which brings me to the process of chelation. Most if any at all commercial brand supplements are not in Natural chelated form. This natural process supports easier digestion, hence, the assimilation of each nutritive mineral for proper utilization in the body. Read on…

Dr. Golob says, “One of the strongest arguments for consuming properly formed amino acids is in the chelating of minerals, where the carrier protein is already attached to the mineral for more effective transport.”

The importance of minerals has finally gained international recognition and acceptance. To meet this vital demand for minerals in nutrition, many have begun to include them, though mostly in the form of inorganic mineral salts. As I understand it, unfortunately, most minerals in their natural or salt state cannot be absorbed. The movement of most minerals across the intestinal mucosa requires chelating with carrier proteins. Most minerals exert most, if not all, of their biological effects while in the chelating state.

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