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Quality  Supplementation – Our physiology finds true Value in QUALITY Supplementation.

5890Supplementation of highest quality is not only recommended but demanded for those choosing to optimize their Health. Especially, for the sake of ridding from particular ailment, help is not only desired but oftentimes needed.

We like to think that a good diet alone of Fruits and Vegetables will support us nutritionally. It is sad to say that this is not so true these days. This way of thinking can be relied upon more so, perhaps, if we are growing our own food and replenishing the soil as needed. However, for North & South America and for the time being, the over processed lands from where much of the commercial food is grown, lacks nutrition itself. We should not expect to receive quality amounts of nutrients from agriculture land anymore. We actually have not been able to for just about an entire century now. This leaves the need for quality supplementation very high and explains why our cultures Health is in near dire straits.

It can sometimes be hard to tell if Food we are gathering from commercial places does indeed have what it takes to support our nutritional needs. Food, as in all things, holds certain vibrations. Tuning in to this vibration becomes progressively easier given the attention.
When an edible substance is Healthy, it will typically look Darker in Color, Smell Sweeter, Feel Better to the Touch and will certainly Taste Better. than a less healthy suit.

The best way to tell if a certain food is of a better quality than another is to first stop and take the time to look, smell, feel and test on it through the tried and true method of what is known as “Applied Kinesiology”. See the page titled Kinesiology Or Muscle Testing for more information about how this phenom actually works. Any and all information about Muscle Testing proves time and time again to be a wonderful addition to any Health Library. Even the slightest knowledge of Kinesiology Or Muscle Testing is a must for all Optimal Health oriented persons.

True Muscle Testing is like most things. It becomes easier while developing over time. The book ‘Applied Kinesiology’ can help one get started.

Agaricus Blazei is one of our favorite supplemental substances. Agaricus Blazei is  recommended as a daily supplement for over all health and immune support. At first, when I tested on it, I tested to take the amount recommended on the label. I continue to  test every now and then to check to see if I still need the same amount. When we take in things consistently, our body reaches a point of saturation. This is how we know to stop eating. With Supplements we can test through the use of the amazing tool Kinesiology and know for sure whether or not to take more or less. With Muscle Testing we can learn about the nutrients we have in our bodys’ cellular storage. I highly recommend that every body to learn this very useful gift.


Wachters Professional
Formula C (Chlorophyll from Sea Vegetation)

Another one of our favorite product lines of high quality supplements is from a company called Wachters‘. Our most treasured product of the Wachter’s line is called Professional Formula C. Formula C is the very best source of minerals, all from Sea Vegetation, key to Alkaline pH—that we have found, for going on well over decades now. We use Formula C regularly to help grow our levels of Alkalinity. We keep Professional Formula C available for use during crises that come and go within our circle of Loved Ones. We always keep some on the shelf in our store available for walk-in purchase.

When I consider the times that we live in, I see quality supplementation as a gift through the talents of man. For as many people that exist, there are different qualities, standards to choose. Our individual quest to become familiar with the ultimate best of things could perhaps take a lifetime, given all that is offered. We do our best to offer supplements that are of the very best quality, those that the body will actually assimilate and digest in a way that leave behind beneficial results. And then, there are the rest which sadly make up the most of those sold commercially. There are so many to choose from – so little time. The way to weed out the waste, though, can be easier than you may think…

First of all, be careful of commercial, ‘off the drug store shelf’ type supplements. Most of which will not digest in our system at all, resulting in outgo for nothing. There is a saying about commercial brand supplementation. It leaves people who take them with very expensive urine. Now they have even less money in their pockets and not much else in the way of beneficial results from the ‘supplement’.

Watch-for and go-with digestible substances which will actually benefit you. The way to tell with a modicum of certainty is to learn and use ‘Applied Kinesiology’, otherwise known as Muscle Testing. Look for Health supportive Natural Doctors. They are out there and growing in number as we speak. Ask them if they know of Muscle Testing and if they use it in their practice of helping people with their Health.

5141To hold costs down and quality up, the higher quality brand supplements tend to be sold through means known as ‘Network Marketing’. These found through this site have been chosen for their top quality, all for your benefit if you should choose.

Supplementation There is also the system of purchasing bulk supplements for less. For example, around here we may get maybe a case of specific items per year. We sell extras to loved ones and have plenty on the shelf for when someone comes along with a need. Sort of like how Food Co-Ops began back in the 1970s’. Back when they were much more careful of the products they sold. Now-a-days they are mostly about profit like other Food sources. Be careful, even when shopping from a so called ‘Health Food Source’.

While being smart about consuming supplements, consider things that we talked about in earlier chapters, for example, testing on things before ingesting them and being always in tune with Nature to the best of your ability, which brings me to the process of chelation. Most, if any at all, commercial brand supplements are not in Natural chelated form. The process of chelation supports easier digestion, hence, the assimilation of each nutritive mineral for proper utilization in the body.

Click on this link to learn more about the CHELATION Process.

 Dr. Golob says, “One of the strongest arguments for consuming properly formed amino acids is in the chelating of minerals, where the carrier protein is already attached to the mineral for more effective transport.”

The importance of minerals has finally gained international recognition and acceptance. To meet this vital demand for minerals in nutrition, many have begun to include them, though mostly in the form of inorganic mineral salts.
As I understand it, unfortunately, most minerals in their natural or salt state cannot be absorbed. The movement of most minerals across the intestinal mucosa requires chelating with carrier proteins. Most minerals exert most, if not all, of their biological effects while in the chelating state.

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