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For Meat Eaters may say, “Eating Meat comes naturally to many of us because we have been eating this way for centuries and it seems to be working well for us!”

For Meat Eaters have a saying, “If God did not want us to eat Animals, why did he make them out of Meat?”

It’s even easy for Meat Eaters to fall into judgment about eating Meat when considering how it gets to the plate. I think it is safe to say that there’d be many more ‘Vegetarians’ if it were up to the lot of Meat Eaters to do any type of the real ‘hunting’ that it takes to get the Meat to the dinner table.

Justification for Meat Eaters in using Meat as Food may come too easily now and also at a huge price to Earth. Earth has been losing long standing ancient Forests to the recklessness of the corporate mind. Since industry began raising Animals commercially to keep up with the demand for Meat Eaters, the Cattle trade has become a world wide commodity with ‘Big Business’ at the reigns. Raising Cattle takes lots of range land and to make room for more range land forests are cut down. Through deforestation, due to the Cattle industry, Earth’s great forests are disappearing at an alarming rate. We will not get into the many controversies surrounding the farming industry of other Meats; Hogs, Pigs, Chickens, Sheep, Fish, Edible Sea Creatures and on and on… Raising Cattle is by far the most devastating of all—to all of us globally.

Ideally, and no doubt a very long time from now, I honestly believe, that as a species, we will grow past being for Meat Eaters someday & for many reasons. All I have learned around this issue has brought me to realize the uselessness in eating Meat for nutritional purposes. The cons for Meat Eaters seem to out weigh the pros on the scale of nutritive benefit.

Health and moral issues aside, the way it stands today with this generation, eating Meat is a personal choice. Since this site is about informing the individual just how to make the best choice for them, optimally so, the information ahead proves interesting and appropriate… For Meat Eaters or no…

Meat Eaters
Peter J. D’Adamo, N. D. reveals many interesting scientific facts through the study of different blood types in the book called ‘Eat Right For Your Type’. This study points how how people with—for example—Type A blood should rarely, if ever, consume Meat for their personal & optimal level of Health. Blood Type O people can actually benefit from eating Meat though minutely—and always along with Dark Leafy Greens for Balance and Alkalinity, and so forth.

Because Meat is highly Acid-Ash producing,
for the sake of Optimal Health it makes sense to eat a little bit of it only after—and/or during—eating a significant portion of—preferably raw—Green Leafy Vegetables
supporting Alkaline Reserves and ultimately, Optimal Digestion.

When carnivores kill their large prey in the wild, they initially feed through to the stomach contents where pre-digested Vegetables are warming. This is how they get much of their quota of bio-available minerals that come from eating Fruits and Vegetables. Our canine friends need bio-available nutrients for their optimal growth as well, for they are in all actuality, omnivores, similar to us.

When eating the organs, particularly the liver, of any Animal from just about anywhere today, high toxicity is unavoidable. This toxicity is not confined to just the organs. Some ‘growers’ add all type of chemicals to the feed of their commodity. Most growers do not have to add a thing because standard feeds come already fully loaded. These additives are meant to help keep parasites down, skin diseases from getting worse, this, that and all other reasons that exist due to raising Animals in the toxic vicious cycle that our culture pushes on these innocent spirits today.

Add to this, livestock are often raised standing in their own feces for long periods of time with no other choice than to breathe in those gaseous fumes, moment upon moment, day after day. After this forced undue stress how could any meat from an Animal make it to our plate with out carrying certain ‘baggage’ along with it?

If choosing to include Meat as a daily source of Food, it has been recommended to be a Meat Eater of Animals that are ‘Vegetarians’. This makes sense, since when choosing to hunt for Food, wouldn’t we naturally be most attracted toward eating the healthier creatures? There is less disease among the Vegetable and Fruit eaters than the Meat Eaters.

Beef, Pork (depending on the quality source of pig/hog feed), Lamb, Salmon, Tuna, are the better ways to go. Scavenger’s meat (ie: commercial Poultry, bottom Fish, Crab, Lobster) are all on the ‘do not’ list, especially because of the high rate of toxicity in our environment today, including our waters.

It seems a common commercial practice to make Meat become more and more toxic as time passes. Taking the Fat away from the end product of Meat is one of the more ignorant things done to a Food in the name of Health, and to what end? Taking the Fat away from Meat makes Meat such that it should not be called Meat any longer. It is now equivalent to eating cardboard. Many people purchase Meat this way buying into the commercialized idea that eating Fat contributes to an array of labeled diseases. They add who knows what sort of additives to the ‘cardboard’ that used to be beautifully marbled Fatty Meat to help to make it edible again. It is my opinion that they’d do much better staying away from the deep-fried things they regard as food. Little by little the production of un-food takes precedence while the Health quality fades away as it has in so many other cases.

If one can trust that the Animal has indeed been a healthy one, then, of the main Meats that our American society typically eat, Pork is the one that stands out as best for Health. The reason behind this is—& I realize this may be quite controversial, Pork has more fat. Fat not only helps to neutralize the acidic effect Meats have but because of the high fat content a person typically gets satisfied while eating less. Of course, as is with any Food the Animal should come from having been raised as pure as possible.

When including Meat as part of any diet
it is best considered a condiment
& never as the main course of the meal.

For the purpose of Cleansing and Healing, which is a main intent of this book, consider going without eating any Meat for the time it will take you to Cleanse satisfactorily or at least cut back a bit & choose Organically Grown Meats which will leave a few less toxins behind for you to have to Cleanse from.

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