Dr. Regan Golob, D.C. says, “One of the biggest things that I see wrong with the American diet is that it is way too high of protein…


Sources of Protein

…Harvard medical school came out with a study that says 47 grams of protein is about the max that a human individual can digest in one day without having calcium show up in the urine. It is very easy to get 47 grams of protein. A six ounce piece of meat, chicken or fish is about 47 grams. Some people can only handle 20 grams of protein… too much protein creates acidosis which leaves bones robbed of minerals.”

Ideally, a Urine pH test should reflect Food eaten the day prior.
When Calcium shows up in Urine after eating too much of Acid Ash Forming Foods
it is because when it is overly acidic the body will instinctively draw minerals from bones, joints, and other sources in the body to keep the Blood pH Ratio balanced between the acceptable narrow range of 7.35 to 7.45.

Dr. Golob goes on to say that  “Most disease processes such as osteoporosis or osteoarthritis, etc., are not disease processes as we know them, as if something is attacking us. Most disease processes are survival mechanisms of the body. The body does not know how to do disease – only survival. Foods that have high nitrogen, sulfur or phosphorus, such as protein & grains, combine with hydrogen in the body, form an organic acid and must be neutralized by minerals in order to be excreted through the liver bile or kidneys. The body has to decide if it is better to have strong bones and be dead or to have weak bones and be alive, so it robs from ‘Peter to pay Paul’ in hopes that, given time, the needed minerals will find a way into the system.

There is a very narrow acceptable range from 7.35 to 7.45 for blood pH. When the blood pH starts to drop, the level of oxygen carrying capacity of the blood also lowers. This is when the heart will begin to have problems.

In ten thousand case studies, 100% across the board, all heart attacks were caused by acidosis of the left ventricle. Also, discovered is that when your blood pH goes below 7.4 down to 7.35 death occurs.

Acidosis of the left ventricle is the cause of heart attacks as proven by Harvard medical studies. It has nothing to do with clogging of arteries but simply that the body is too acidic.”

Dr. Golob concludes by saying, “I have found the body never cares if it is healthy, it also doesn’t care if it is sick. It just wants to survive. It will do whatever it can to kick into that survival mechanism.”

It is possible to get allotted amounts of protein via Amino Acids through assorted Fruits and Vegetables. These sources are easier on our digestive organs than that of the heavier, less live, sources.

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