Alkaline Challenge


Alkaline Challenge

Alkaline Challenges require one to become the most Alkaline they can. This one in particular is encouraged for, at minimum, one year. This Alkaline Challenge is brought to you by someone who has been & now visits time & again when I feel the need.

Alkaline Challenge

To be fully engaged in an Alkaline Challenge, one must enjoy a high durable Love for Living—within and without every aspect of possible challenges erupting—and also Fruits and Vegetables.

Oh, the possibilities! Oh, the Joy!!!


Since, generally speaking, ‘U.S.’ people have not been raised to think about keeping our physiology in a state of Alkalinity, which, if we were raised in this way we’d understand by now the critical role It plays in keeping ‘U.S.’ Optimally Healthy.

AlkalinityOn the other hand, ‘U.S.’ people have been raised—and again I am speaking generally—to be commercially programmed to the point of relinquishing our Nature given Health. This has been due to a strong and ever-growing devil-may-care presence of apathy. This apathy is mainly because most of ‘U.S.’ know no other way to think, and when it gets down to it, the thinking mind is really what is needed to be resurrected here.

It occurs to me that maybe being Optimally Healthy requires a certain experience and knowledge of sorts to help guide those who may feel lost to the world of commercialization.

The word about Alkalinity and Its’ importance is sweeping our Nation, and even the World today, though sadly, is still being constantly covered up by the Big Bully, ‘Acidity’.

AEGift There have been no real records, books written or  information passed down to us, about Alkalinity. Not to the mass degree that it is coming available to U.S. now. Its’ discovery was in the early 1900s and it’s acclaim, only now being realized in recent years.

Discoveries over the centuries have proven to take long periods of time before they finally become assimilated into the larger end of society. The word about the importance of keeping an Alkaline pH has taken over 100 years now & this has been through the ‘Information Age’. It has also been the Industrial and Commercial Age.

AETruthI trust that over time, information about the importance of Alkalinity for Optimal Health will eventually seep into our culture to become a part of Creators’ Greater Good. Until then, it seems it all must go through the long moment of scrutiny before those who are holding the reigns come around to releasing it to the public at large. I guess, they must find a way of Capitalizing on it first.


Taking this particular Alkaline Challenge has much to do with preparation. Laying groundwork in the mind about the important role Alkalinity plays in the body is key. It is also helpful to learn about how the body functions on the cellular level toward optimal results. The support team that I learned from taught me key information toward Optimizing Health. The pages throughout Joyous Oasis is about sharing this knowledge.

JoyousOasisHeaderJoyous Oasis is set up—for the most part—to support one to live a more balanced pH life style. Click on through the  D.U.H. Chapters beginning with Health Choice in this Joyous Oasis web site and get to reading up!

FoodbasketLearn things like which Foods to Eat. Foods that will help fill your Alkaline Reserve which then become your cellular make up. Foods like most Fruits and Vegetables, with emphasis, always on Dark Leafy Greens.

Alkaline Challenge

Learn things like which Foods to avoid while wanting to be Alkaline because they leave an Acid Ash residue. Foods like Seed (including Beans, Grains, Corn…), Meats, Dairy (including Cheeses, all Foods made using Animal Milk), etc.,

IMPORTANT to NOTE: Thoughts do affect our physiology, big time! This may happen under the radar but is a powerful upper or downer, depending on control of thoughts. It is therefore always beneficial to have thoughts in check. For example, harsh, unpleasant sounds and thinking “Grrrrr” can very much contribute to a stressful environment within. This leads to an Acidic reaction or response to cellular activity. Thoughts of pleasant sounds become Alkaline and beneficial to embrace.

Alkaline ChallengeSadTearsInteresting note: When tears of joy are tested they are of an Alkaline pH…

When tears of anger or sadness are tested, they show an Acidic pH.

To take the Alkaline Challenge… Check off the guidelines ahead and connect with Anni, at when you feel ready to begin.

  1. First, read and assimilate through D.U.H. Chapters beginning with Health Choice.
  2. Acquire Acid / Alkaline Food Chart and make a list of preferred Alkaline Foods
  3. Learn pH Balance through Joyous Oasis web site and the…
  4. …Purchase of ‘Your Health Your Choice’ (See below)…

    Alkaline Challenge


  5. pH Strips
    ..along with pH strips pH Test Strips

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