pH Balance


pH Balance is our potential for Health.

pH Balance at its’ optimum = A diet consisting of –
pH means potential of Hydrogen ions present.)

Our Health relies on pH Balance and understanding the body’s dependence on this ratio… 80% Alkaline to 20% Acid Ash.

Your Health Your Choice

At the bottom of this page, look for the link for this highly regarded resource guide ‘Your Health, Your Choice’ by Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr.
‘Your Health, Your Choice’ was written to help us learn pH definition and the very critical role that pH Balance plays in optimizing Health. By following the intent of this highly recommended book, we learn the importance of the pH of blood and how to monitor it by noting saliva and urine pH. We also learn easy implementation of pH Balance into our lives. When it comes to optimizing Health and Fitness, this very easy-to-read guide stands out as a magnificent asset. Again, see the link for purchase at the foot of this page.

SchoolHouseCartoonWhen I learn yet another simple thing as an adult about how to help my Health—and so then also my life—I wonder why it is that I was not taught these simple concepts through schooling while growing up. Concepts can be assimilated in children much easier. Now here I am an adult with habits formed and much unlearning to do. I think the reason is, is that Health is never a priority for most people. Health seems to only be a priority to those who do not have it. This is the reason and purpose behind the Do Understand Health chapters through this, Joyous Oasis web site.

ChildrenAs children we could have easily learned these through rhymes about Food Combining or pH Balance to help us enjoy a healthier, less complicated time on Earth. Something like these cute little ditties:
‘For the best in Health, keep in mind –
How to Properly Food-Combine’ 

And ‘To keep digestion from becoming acrid, Follow this Chart and learn Alkaline / Acid.’ 

pH BalanceUntil our dying moment, from our body’s point of view, the miraculous preservation of life is always priority number one. The body must maintain a pH Balance of 80% Alkaline Ash to 20% Acid Ash. This ratio keeps our cells hydrated to the point where they can function most efficiently, also, and more importantly, if our blood pH were to drop below the accepted range, life would cease.

Consuming more than 20% Acid Ash Foods causes the body to work on neutralizing excess acid by calling upon Alkaline reserves. Alkaline reserves—from eating applesFruits and Vegetables, especially Dark Leafy Greens—are stored throughout the body. When Alkaline reserves are depleted, the body instinctively draws what Alkalinity it needs from that which is stored in bones and tissue to preserve life. Having pH levels on the pH scale causes joint problems at the onset, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, & many other labeled diseases.



Depletion of Alkaline reserves lowers the defense structure of the body making it a more vulnerable target for unwanted bacteria & viruses.

pH Balance
Eating an pH balanced Alkaline diet—mostly Fruits & Vegetables—helps the transition from a high Acid Ash diet to a more Alkaline one.

Familiarize yourself with Alkaline / Acid Balance as promptly as possible. Help this along by acquiring this free pH chart that you can refer to. Having access to the information found on this chart can assist you in making better Alkaline Food choices that will help your pH level stay in balance.

WithdrawingCashI appreciate this working analogy from Doc Golob: When we think about eating plentiful Alkaline foods as putting money in the bank—when there is plenty of Alkaline reserves, it is easy to get away with spending some of it.

Eating too much Acid-Ash producing foods is like over-drawing this account. As if writing checks on a below zero balance. When there is no accessible Alkaline Nutrients available, the account will falter.
Of course, in the case of one’s health, the penalties can be far more severe than simply over drawing money from a bank account.

To change from a poor diet to a more healthful one needs to happen over a progressive period of time. How long, depends on the person’s past with Teaching Alkalineregards to their eating.

Begin by adding as many Fruit and Vegetables to your already established diet as much as possible. The more raw the better and with emphasis on dark Leafy Greens. Begin to consider letting go of things that cause your body stress and over acidity. (See Recipe section – Follow link under ‘Body Talk’.)

1030Adding quality supplementation to your daily eating routine would be beneficial and is recommended. A tiny bit goes a long way with Wachters’ Formula C! This chlorophyll rich supplement from Sea Vegetation is at the top of the list of the very best source we know of for support of Alkaline pH.

Taking on a dramatic dietary change at any age requires much care and precision. It is best to cook vegetables for those of older years. Especially, for older people who have eaten poorly most of their lives. The worse the diet going into old age, the less the enzymatic response there will be to handle the digestion of raw food.
GrandmaEatingUntil the body has had a chance to establish proper enzymatic response, it is best to eat vegetables that have been slightly cooked to soft. Cooked lighter and lighter, less and less, as time goes on, adding more and more bits of raw Greens to the cooked meal.

If the pH of the gut has been maintained with Healthy Food over the years then mostly Raw Fruit and Vegetables are ideal, older age or not.


Except for just a few Vegetables that do change from Alkaline to Acid when cooked (ie; Asparagus & Spinach)—Cooking does not change the pH levels in the residue left from most Vegetables. It is still best to eat these two un-cooked.


PinaSo called ‘Acid’ Fruit (Citric Acids; Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons, Pineapple, Tomato, Tomatoesetc.,) DO leave Alkaline Ash.
Citric acids are considered aromatic. Their Acidity is expelled through the lungs leaving behind Alkaline residue.



Cranberries and Plums are the exception to this rule…

And when cooked –BlueBerries

Blueberries & Rhubarb become exceptions as well.

Rhubarb Plant
Side note about the harmful Rhubarb; Rhubarb is quite toxic and should not be eaten. For as beautiful a plant as it can be, and yummy a pie it lends itself to, Rhubarb contains high amounts of the toxin ‘oxalic acid’. When oxalic acid is ingested in small amounts, the average human body is usually able to deal with it. When it is consumed over a period of time, however, severe side effects may include convulsions, coma, and death from cardiovascular collapse.

Exercise and pH


Exercising creates waste materials leaving the body more acidic. Unless the pH level is properly balanced it actually harms the body to put demands on it.

It is best to keep balance of  proper pH before working-out either aerobically or an-aerobically.

A great start to help your pH become more Alkaline is eating Dr. Regan Golob’s CarrotsWithTopsSeven Day Carrot Salad (see menu section). This will help Alkalinize your body and also serve as a mini-liver flush.




Having a pH Balance Alkaline Food list of your favorite Fruits and Vegetables is recommended ahead of time.

A Few More Things To Note:

Millet & Buckwheat are two nutritious substitutes for grains that do leave Alkaline Ash. They are both nutritious, delicious, easily assimilable and make satisfying comfort food.

All un-sprouted seeds and all animal products leave an Acid Ash (with the exception of butter, as fats tend to be neutral). When dried and then cooked, all Grains; Corn, Rice, Wheat, hard Beans & Legumes, are not only Acidic they are also hard for the body to digest. Though, when sprouted—a minimum of ½ inch when the sprout takes on chlorophyll—they become Alkaline pH leaving Alkaline Ash and digest with ease.
Corn is slightly Acid Ash forming. As stated before, like other seeds, it becomes Alkaline when sprouted at about a minimum ½ inch—when the sprout takes on chlorophyll.
(FYI – Popcorn is a non-fattening carbohydrate with less complex molecule to digest & has a mild laxative effect. When Corn is popped the starch converts to Dextrin. Dextrin leaves Acid Ash.)

This basic chart on ‘Acid / Alkaline Ash pH’ will help you to help you get started on your journey toward being more Alkaline.


Click on this book by Dr. M. Ted Morter, Jr., titled ‘Your Health Your Choice’. to learn more about pH balance. In this amazing book we can learn about pH Blood and more about the importance of Acid / Alkaline Ash balance. By taking a simple pH test we can learn how our bodies function on the cellular level.
‘Your Health Your Choice’ is a must have for any Health library.

In summary:
A body maintaining a pH Balance of
80% Alkaline Ash to 20% Acid Ash –
is a strong, optimally functional living creation.

Click here for the following Chapter 5 ‘HAPPY CELLS = HAPPY SELVES’

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