Kinesiology Or Muscle Testing


For clarification in whether or not a substance—or what have there—is right for me in the given moment – I use Applied Kinesiology and TEST on it!


Enjoy a glass or more of fresh water within a minimum of one half hour of testing.Hold the substance in question to your center (Navel Area) stand still, relax.
Now, allow your consciousness to fill the space…
Watch and take notice: The pull will take you toward the substance – This means the substance will benefit you at this time.



Hold the substance away until becoming grounded in yourself.

Take hold of the substance and hold it at center (Chi – Just above the navel)
Be still and aware.

If you feel a strong pull forward toward the substance, you may include it for the day.

If you find yourself rocking backwards, this is a tell-tale sign that you are repelled by the substance and you will be better off without. Do without it, at least for the time being.

When/if ever you find yourself being un-satisfied with the results that you receive, test again at a later time when perhaps your body’s needs will change and be different.

True Muscle Testing is like most things. It becomes easier while developing over time. The book ‘Applied Kinesiology’ can help one get started.

Another great book on the subject is “Power vs. Force” by Dr. David R. Hawkins. Click the book cover to learn more.

SPECIAL NOTE: When you are already, fully aware of a substance not beneficial for you and even detrimental – well, d.u.h… do understand health!
Why would you want to ingest something that takes away from your strength? This is when you may want to check your programming and clear your thoughts by breathing… but you are at a party, and when in Rome… In this case, obsession just may win out…
When consciously making the choice to ‘go for it’ regardless, change any possible negative energy created through thoughts by ‘blessing’ it. pass palms down in a circular motion clockwise Remember this is the way that we think that ultimately rules the energy in the moment.

Isn’t this the coolest thing ever??? We really can enjoy whatever we want to!

This page and CLARITY Of PURPOSE go hand-in-hand.

 Check out this video with Doctor Regan Golob demonstrating arm strength technique.

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