Clarity Of Purpose


Clarity of PurposeClarity Of Purpose helps to define value while creating a strategic plan. Think of ‘Informed Choice’ as a tool used to accomplish clarity—to encourage commitment—then the implementation of the goal sought after.

shilouette_of_man_meditating_BLUE“Your visions will become clear when you can look into your heart.”
“One who looks outside, dreams; One who looks inside, awakens.” Jung

JournalBegin a journal to help your own Clarity Of Purpose along. Consider the questions below as a guide to add to—or subtract from—in your own Journal.

Clarity2Use this tool phrase, ‘Clarity Of Purpose’ as the outline for the strategic plan you are about to embrace when beginning this life long journey. (Becoming clear regarding our purpose is the first step and a huge hurdle to get passed. Being ‘tuned into’ our Clarity Of Purpose is 99.9% of any battle… Hmmm, actually, there is no ‘battle’ when our intentions are clear.)

It is especially revealing to ask and answer questions about one self.
Ahead are a few questions you could start with and add onto from here, if you choose. All the while, keep this quote from an ancient proverb in mind:

“In determining where we are headed, it is recommended,
at first, to know where we are.”

  1. PonderingBabyHow do I picture my self worth?
  2. What exactly do I want for my self?
  3. WellBeingDo I have more of a tendency to be with life, alive?
  4. Do I take the very best care of this gift, my body?
  5. Do I move along all avenues that lead me in the direction I choose—especially with regards to Health Choice and eating—for the optimal care of this body that has been gifted me?

ChickenWagon6. How do I choose my ‘eggs’, over easy or ‘hatching chicks’?

Chick7. Does it make a difference to me that ‘chicks’ are poisoned regularly with growth hormones and with antibiotics and with what ever else the Chickenbusiness of processing does to them before they get to the grocery store—and then onto my plate?

  • OverlyStressedHuman
  • 8. Do I choose for myself a slow agonizing death from illness, dis-ease or pain from an ‘unrecoverable’ injury due to the accumulation of toxic substances throughout my system from eating frivolously throughout my lifetime?


9. Do I choose to learn about Alkalinity, knowing that this will help me to become closer to being agile, healthy and strong?

EatingRainbow10. Do I have the understanding of what it takes to nurture cells within my own and so also my loved one’s bodies?

11. Am I willing to learn from this moment on, how to best take care of my Health?

12. Am I willing to implement what I learn on how to best care for my health?

Using ‘I’ statements is encouraged for ease in greatest clarity.


  • I am learning to listen to what my body is telling me.
  • I trust in and utilize the workable tools that I have gathered to help me learn about greater clarification of my body’s needs and desires.
  • I click here for page titled Kinesiology which is another name for Muscle Testing.
  • (I click on the image of this amazing book to the right —->>> to educate myself about ‘Power versus Force’.)

MoonDanceLiveHow committed (Commitment) am I willing to be to this new life style change?
I am committed and willing to this new journey of life style change!

Am I willing to begin on this journey now?
I am willing to begin on this journey of Health Choice, here, now!

  • JournalSignI now sign my declaration here, in the pages of my Journal—committing to the discovery of a better, more optimal Health for myself and family?
  • I find myself excited to choose life, beginning here now. I choose to add bits of joy into every thing I find myself involved with.

From this point on I commit myself to life.

  • I find it easy now to be—always Love. I am simply being a source for Love to flow through. I do not look for being loved. I meditate on the allowing of Love itself to brother_sun_sister_moonradiate Love through my being as I go on from moment to moment—radiating Love. Love flows through me as now I am a vessel radiating Love wherever I be. Love adds adventure and challenge to life. I create beauty. Beauty creates me. All is good.

Click here, for discovery begins with D.U.H. Do Understand Health!

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