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Ancient Chinese Proverb – If you do not change direction you will end up where you are headed”

Up against the wall? It is easy to understand why. Taking steps toward greater strength & inner peace & joy takes great commitment.

For those who ‘try’— I say, “‘Trying’ will never cut it!” Bear with me here while I do my best to make this point. (Now, notice how I did not use the word ‘try’ .)

Okay, so now ‘try’ to pick something up, something small like—say—a pencil.
Now you have gone & done it, haven’t you? Well, this time, just ‘try’ to do it. ‘Try’ to pick it up! See the difference? What does the word ‘trying’ mean exactly?
You either pick it up or you don’t, right?
I suggest that we begin to replace the phrase ‘I will try’ with I will do my best’ and the response to how it feels is not even a subtle difference.
Noted this way, it becomes more of an agreement with my self. Said with intention “I will do my best” is an extremely powerful statement. Now, let’s do it!

Do you remember the Ancient Chinese Proverb – “If you do not change direction you will end up where you are headed.” ?
I believe the meaning actually hits us much harder when we use the language of 100% accountability, so I re-word it…

“When ‘I’ do not change direction—’I’ end up in the direction ‘I’ am headed” ?

Somehow we all tend to choose one of three paths offered us in life when it comes to health:

i.    The path of ignorance can be full of fun, spontaneity & gustatory delights. It’s no wonder that most people do get ‘stuck’ here. However, this is also the path to ill health and in most cases leads promptly to dis-ease and/or premature death. This is easy to see when we open our eyes to notice dis-ease in people everywhere in one form or another.

ii.    Then there is the far end of that spectrum, the path of unyielding commitment. This path does not seem to ever have an end. It is hard and difficult. I have heard it referred to as long, arduous, boring, full of sacrifice and deprivation. This way may be towards a better state of physical well-being but some say, “Why bother – what’s to live for if toiling so, for so much of our lifetime?”

iii.    Now wait, there’s more—in this, the middle path! When presented with this middle path, my thoughts are that this decision is a no-brainer. The first steps along this more practical path to optimal health includes these three necessary ground rules to begin…

Accurate Thinking, Nutrition and Exercise …

 ——————————- ACCURATE THINKING ——————————–

includes …

1.    Intention 2. Attention 3. Education 4. Action 5. Manifestation

1. INTENTION through Accurate thinking is our first focus. Before we subject ourselves to all we need to do to begin our journey toward optimizing our health, our intentions need to be clear! What is it that we really want out of life for ourselves? The truth could be that I  really do not want to live with good health. Our country’s streets, hospital wards, medical institutions are full of those who seem to strive to be ill.
When I see myself accepting the possibilities of being healthy w/ greater strength & more agility, I focus intentions and it is done.

2. As I give ATTENTION to this new clear thinking about health I make the commitment to go in the direction of a chosen higher state of health. “Until one commits there is hesitancy…”

Good thing to NOTE here: Keeping this commitment does not limit us to total deprivation.

3. EDUCATION. When I remain open to all things that even remotely supports my best efforts to move ahead toward better health I put aside all questionable thoughts, ideas and offers on a shelf in the back of my mind for the future when perhaps it will make better sense to me.

I constantly Learn more and Apply what I learn

4. I take ACTION. I do all that is needed – to keep the direction.
I Think.
I Stay Aware.
I Take Time to Plan.

5. I am aware of all MANIFESTATIONS that I am creating.
I Evaluate Results.
I Adjust evaluations as needed.
I Journal Consistently.

********************* HOMEWORK For The 1st WEEK ***********************

1. I Journal (I like to use a 3 ring binder because of the ease of loose leaf paper) at least once a day—everything about my new adventure—using language of accountability.

2. I make the choice to ‘commit myself’ to better health habits using language of accountability, and write it down in my journal.

3. I take the time, the very first chance I get, to give myself a physical:

  • This helps me to be in touch with my body, within.
  • During meditation, I scan my body from within-head to toe.
  • On a 8 x 11 sheet of plain paper I draw just a simple outline of a body image
  • When I use colors on the body image to denote possible problem areas it helps me to prioritize areas of focus
  • Then I sign and date it / place it in my journal for future referral

 ——————————- NUTRITION ——————————-

Nutrition = Digestion = Assimilation of Nutrients

pH Balance = 20% Acid Maximum 80% Alkaline Minimum

  • I Develop a habit to prioritize Alkalinity first and also …
  • I Prioritize Nutrition for ease of digestibility and proper pH balance.

Proper Combinations, Flavor & Convenience are all very important when selecting food for Optimum Digestion:

Tips for digestibility include these Proper Combination rules:

  • Fruit stimulates digestion when eaten before meals
  • Fluids or Sugars at least ½ hour before meals
  • Wait until food digests before drinking again (Up to 3 hours for heavier substances).
  • Eat Fruit & Vegetables Separately
  • Sprout Grains & Seeds
  • Never Protein with Sugars
  • Meat & other proteins are best if …
    • Unprocessed
    • Eaten with greens
    • Used as a condiment rather than as an entrée

Tips for Appealing Taste –

  • The more Naturally Ripened Fruits & Vegetables…
    • the more Natural Color…
    • the more Flavor…
    • the more Minerals…
    • the more Alkalinity…
    • the more Beneficial…
    • the more Natural Stimulation of Digestive Juices, so…
    • Bland will tend to no longer seem bland.
    • ‘Real Salt’ (never Table salt) is full of much needed trace minerals and actually very healthful for our bodies

Tips for Convenience –

  • Fresh (Ripe) indigenous fruit when available ie: Apples, Berries, Apricots, Tomatoes, Watermelon
  • Vegetables
    • Raw or Steamed up – I like to have handy, ready to munch
    • Pot of Soup in Slow Cooker
    • *Make the near by health food sources my friend
    • Buffet restaurants with salad bars (stick to the fruit & vegetables)
    • *Salads & Baked Potato from Wendy’s
    • When stumped, I ask for more ideas

*I Never blindly trust in processed foods purchased even from a ‘Health Food’ source.

*I am always careful of chemically laden dressings

*I Always read all ingredients particularly when purchasing processed foods

Let’s create a summary here. Presently, how much of my time, my money and my energy is taking me away from being healthier?

When I consider the food I eat, “How much of my time, money and energy is spent yearly on becoming less & less healthy?”

Time has proven again and again on those who went before
that un-cared for ill-health only gets worse as time goes on.

I remain practical and careful.
I think & plan for a healthier me.

During the 1st week, practice using ‘I’ statements writing in a journal. Journal the answers  to questions like;  “What could I do to improve my health right now? Dairy, wheat, coffee & refined sugar are some of the standard no-nos to stay away from. At this point it is time to ask myself, “What are some foods that I can eat that will benefit my body?” Make the list informative and fun to read. This is one list that ought to be revisited, and often.

In my Journal, I name other substances that I am aware of to eliminate from my particular diet in an effort to support Cleansing, Healing and Building of my body’s health.
I now encourage my thinking mind to be on board with my new life change. I am writing consistently in my journal. Everything and anything that comes up in dialogue with myself around this issue will be entered and addressed in an accountable way. Maybe a pro/con list would be a good idea for me…
There is no denying that I feel the difference, now as well as for in the future… and with this in mind, I keep my focus on:

Intention, Attention, Education, Action and I be a part of a glorious Manifestation of a more vibrant & healthy me.

I continue using ‘I’ statements while following this THINGS TO DO LIST:

  1. As I give myself a physical I intend to receive answers to the questions I have about my body. (Color Physical Form)
  2. I allow in – the awareness of my body s’ needs.
  3. I focus on Sacred Heart Diet for initial cleansing then …
  4. … Create my very own made Basic Weekly Guide for a general rule to follow.
  5. I remember key points like; Fruits Cleanse – Veggies Build – Bodies Heal.
  6. When i feel ‘ill’ at all, I eat monogamously.
  7. Shop for healthy recipes, so my arsenal is ready.
  8. I create a healthful Shopping List to refer to ahead of time.
  9. I realize that Planning ahead is key.

——————————— EXERCISE ————————-

There is no denying the power of movement. When it gets right down to it, movement is what makes our life great—or, perhaps not so great, as it can be for so many. When we run out of movement to the degree that it matters to us individually – life ceases to seem worth while.

Health plays a vital role in fitness. Before attempting any exercise ideally, the body, the vessel in which we work, should be properly fueled – Alkaline pH along with proper mineral / vitamin & phyto-nutrient intake is vital to a healthy heart.

A healthy heart is the governing vessel that determines our level of movement. Having a strong healthy heart helps to make a huge difference in the strength of our body… And who does not want to feel more strength in their body?
Along with the basic foundation of needed nutrients, just a touch of physical effort daily helps to make a heart stronger. Make that 3x’s a week minimum and for only 20 minutes a day & we have got a recipe for sustaining positive lifelong physical strength and agility.

Remember that Old Ancient Chinese Proverb?
“If you do not change direction you will end up where you are headed!”

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