Ideas, Products And Recipes To help Along The Cleansing Process Within

Products to aid cleansing within include:

Enjoy these wonderful Alkaline RECIPES To Aid CLEANSING Within:


This soup is very Alkaline And Cleansing. It can be eaten any time when hungry. It can be used as a wonderful addition to any weight loss plan.
Eat as much and as often as you want.


CabbageOne large head of Cabbage

One large head of Celery

OnionsTwo Green Peppers

 6 Large Onions

Six- 1 pound Tomatoes

Cover with Clean Water in a big pot.
(Slow cookers are nice for this).
Cook until tender.
Season with Real Salt and
Bernard Jensen’s Dehydrated Vegetable Broth
(Found through health food sources).

Lose 10 to 17 pounds in one week & feel great!
If you have no extra fat to lose this diet will help to regulate your system to its actual natural weight.

This 7 day eating plan can be used as often as you like. When followed correctly it will clean your system of impurities and give youTomatoes1 that sense of well – being you are looking for.
It is alright to work this plan as much as you desire although to begin working modifications on your regular eating habits is recommended for at least every other week especially if you are just coming from eating predominantly of the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).


FYI: Two Fruits which are lower in calories are Watermelon & Cantaloupe.
The chances of losing 3 pounds on the very first day is great if eating lots of Melon.

Day 1. Eat all the fresh Fruit that you want to eat. Except for NO Bananas and dried Fruits (which will add calories)

Day 2. Eat all the Vegetables you want to eat, except for un-sprouted dry seeds (Beans, Corn, PVegetableseas—which are not Vegetables at all but Seeds).

You may have 1 baked Potato with Butter on your all Vegetable day.

Day 3. Eat all the Fruit & all the Vegetables you want to. Except NO Potato.

Day 4. Eat Almonds, Cashews or Tofu, fresh or canned Tuna Fish, (for protein) with Salad. T.J. Miracle Soup (recipe above) and drink at least 8 – 8 ounces of fresh clean  Water. You may also have Figs on the 4th day. Figs are high in carbohydrates & will lessen cravings for sweets.

Day 5. Tofu, Almonds, Cashews & Vegetables. (If eating meat then you can have up to 20 ounces of Chicken breast) 6 Tomatoes on this day. Drink at least 8 – 8 ounces of fresh Clean Water.

Day 6. Fish or Tofu or Cashews & Vegetables. Eat to your hearts content Fish or Tofu or Cashews & Vegetables. No Potato!

Day 7. Fresh fruit juice, Brown Rice, and Vegetables. Again drink & eat as much and as often as you want of fresh fruit juice, Brown Rice & Vegetables. Though be careful of food combining.


(Quite an effective Liver Cleanse)
(If preferred use a food processor to make this very well blended like pudding.)

1 cup finely shredded CarrotsLemonsCarrotsWithTops
1 tablespoon cold pressed Olive Oil
1 tablespoon fresh Lemon juice
Mix together and serve

*For best results as the most effective LIVER CLEANSE
at CARROT SALAD every day for One week – Once each month
Do this for
One year.

Tomato—Grapefruit Cleanse

TomatoesI have found this to be an effective and pleasant cleanse, especially when following or during the Sacred Heart 7 Day Diet.

Eat as many of one or the other as desired AND / OR

Either eat Grapefruits all day OR


Eat as many Tomatoes all day as desired.

 Drink water as desired (sip & mix well with digestive juices)

At the end of the day drink Internal Cleanse* (See Below)

Follow this cleansing diet for three days & see how you feel.
(Do it longer if wanting to cleanse to deeper levels.)


Add one Tablespoon of Real Salt to one pint of pure water.
Drink slowly but drink entire pint within just a few minutes.
Remain comfortable and relaxed in a place near a commode.

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