Building a Healthy Body as well as a Fit Body and how these two differ.

Muscles/organs/blood/immune system

It is recommended by this writer that if you have not been following through the D.U.H. Chapters that you begin here at BODY TALK. This will lead you along the appropriate trail through the D.U.H. Chapters toward an understanding of the importance of sound alkaline health before working at becoming fit.

It is highly recommended to become familiar with our personal level of Alkaline/Acid pH (Click here for a Free chart that will help) while being sure it is in alkaline range before working out, especially aerobically. Also, visit the page through this site called pH Balance.

It is also highly recommended that one interested in Body Building learn this essential rule to help with digestion, which in turn, naturally, helps the body function at peak efficiency. Click here for a free Proper Food Combining Chart to study and learn from.

Click here for recommended page entitled BEFORE FITNESS D.U.H.

Click Here for following Chapter 7 BASIC FOOD GROUPS


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