Optimal Digestion

OPTIMAL DIGESTION Is Essential To Health!

It is easy for me to see that because of the strong influence by the Allopathic affiliated community of doctors, (the A.M.A. or American Medical Association), who typically focus on treating the symptoms of dis-ease, our society—generally speaking of course—seem to be most interested in ignoring the actual causes for their ill-health. There are always underlying-causes to which symptoms are the response. Covering up symptoms and managing dis-eases may work for comfort but does never address the actual issue of ‘what is actually going on inside of the body’. What is our body telling us when we recognize a weirdness in its’ behavior?

To squelch these natural and amazing communications for which our bodies work hard to express—has sustained us as a culture for over a century now. Now, there is scientific data telling us that it is time to take notice of how the way we have been trying out, is not working for sustainable health—for the over all general health of this, our nation—is in desperate deep crisis.

Natural health comes from the point of seeing a symptom as an alert to an otherwise, faulty, condition. For example, the Allopathic view is to grab the nearest anti-histamine to dry it up when the nose begins to drip with excess mucus. Little, if any, thought is given to the purpose behind the drip. What is the reason it exists? Nature would dictate to us to grab some citrus, or food that has powerful allotments of Vitamin C maybe, to help the process to continue, until the drip, quits on its’ own, naturally.
Maybe, the body is doing its’ best to rid itself of impurities that managed to get in there and take hold. Maybe, it is simply cleansing of toxic substances the best way it can. Maybe, the body knows exactly how to proceed and does so—when left alone, uninhibited by drugs.

The simple headache, as uncomfortable as it can be, is usually a sign that the inner workings of digestion are malfunctioning. This is most often rectifiable right away by simple dietary changes. Ultimately, if the cause of this is not addressed, greater, more drastic signs of ill health will tend to grow. In an effort to subdue these symptoms, people head right for the nearest pharmacy and purchase the most powerful quick fix in the way of an unusable toxic substance, usually referred to as a pharmaceutical drug. While the underlying cause is manifesting in greater, perhaps more devastating ways. Whatever is going on needs to be addressed. We can only address the symptoms when they are speaking coherently to us, and not while drugged.

Better cover up the symptom in the form of a simple pimple because those unsightly blemishes look really ugly! Ignore the cause though, and they will continue to come back. You see, a simple pimple can be a sign of liver malfunction and with just a modest liver flush—in the way of a lovely cleansing salad—the symptom has no longer the need to return. Pimple face be gone! Yay, and “Thank you, Nature!”

In this society, there is a strong desire to shed pounds because of the way it looks to wear the extra weight. People do not seem to care about the more important issue which is that excess weight puts great strain on the heart and also adds hardships for the body s’ skeletal system to deal with as well.

All symptoms have purpose. Heeding their call is the practical solution to ridding the body of the greater malady. There is no need for symptoms to exist at all if their causes are addressed.

Doctor Regan Golob contributes these useful tips… “… to support the eliminating organs:
Lungs – do deep breathing exercises in fresh air;
Kidneys – drink a high quality, chemical free water — 8 glasses a day and take Dynamite® Herbal Green™ and/or do green juice drinks;
Liver – do my Carrot salad for 7 days out of each month, take Dynamite® Izmine™ or Dynamite® S.O.D.™;
Colon – Carrot salad, Dynamite® Miracle Clay™, Dynamite® P.M.S. Premium Magnesium Supplement™.

By the time symptoms make themselves known it is already past time for cleansing & healing. The very best course of action to take then would be to support this concept in thought and action. Begin right away to aid in the body’s need to fix the problem. Keeping digestive organs clean will help in expelling unnecessary dis-ease, illness & weight.

The liver is where toxins need to be processed. When the liver functions properly it uses bio-available minerals to support the action of breaking down the toxins for elimination. Watermelon & celery are each good diuretics that support this process. These nature given gifts will also help to cleanse the intestines, support alkaline reserves & ultimately, promote weight loss naturally. When cleansing, healing and building naturally are taken to heart, superficial problems will tend to no longer exist.

For weight loss, focus primarily on cleansing your digestive organs, ridding it of impurities, as opposed to “losing weight”. Ultimately, the body will respond by shedding those unwanted extra pounds naturally—because a clean body does not have a weight problem, excess mucus nor does it have pimples.

Dr. Regan Golob, D.C., a specialist in Bio-Energy Analysis, states, “Toxins are stored in body fat, especially brown fat which cannot go away until toxins are removed. To lose weight easily, support and cleanse the liver & other organs of elimination. Alkalinize your body with bio-available minerals, fruit and vegetables, so that it does not have to retain water to dilute the acidic foods & you are going to lose weight.”

The elimination cycle begins sometime after midnight & lasts until noon-ish. As a general rule, it makes sense to support this cycle the best way possible by both—completing the day and waking up to start the day—with the freshest of juicy fruits.

Characteristically, fruits cleanse while veggies build.

Any time, afternoon is the ideal time to Eat Vegetables for building a strong, Healthy Body. Mid-day is also more of an ideal time to Eat heavier Foods (along with Vegetables—preferably Darker Leafy Greens) for Optimal Digeston.

(For Cleansing and Support of the Elimination process, with Healing and Losing Excess Fat in mind, the best focus would be to Eat Eliminating Foods for the entire allotted period – during both day and into the evening).

Assist Natural Functions for Proper Elimination &
Assimilation of Essential Nutrients
for best dietary results.

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